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Turns out, Céline Dion’s 1994 wedding to René Angéli did not necessarily go off without a hitch.

On her wedding day roughly 30 years ago, the Titanic singer wore a show-stopping tiara featuring 2,000 stunning Swarovski crystals sewn into her head that reportedly weighed seven pounds, according The Daily Mail.

“When you’re so happy, there’s no weight, there’s no problem, there’s no pain,” Dion told Vogue in a recent video interview, adding that during her wedding she thought she could “manage the weight” of her massive tiara.

To ensure that her nuptials went off without a hitch despite the weight of her headpiece, Dion told Vogue that she did various practice runs down the aisle in her full wedding ensemble. The problem? She practiced on wooden floors, she said, only to discover the cathedral was carpeted.

“I had an immediate face-lift,” Dion said. “I start to walk and I go like: ‘Am I gonna make it? Am I going to make it to my future husband?’ But like I said, I’m going to run to you. I did.”

Céline Dion and René Angélil on their wedding day.

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After the wedding ceremony, Dion says the reception went “great” and “people (were) happy.”

It wasn’t until she eventually removed the tiara from her head that she realized she had been cut because, she said, “the pressure was too much.”

“The next day, I wake up, I look at myself in the mirror. I have a (bump) the size of an egg in the middle of my forehead,” she continued. “I looked to my husband and I said: ‘It’s too late now. We’re married.'”

Dion explained that because the bump was “so huge,” she made the executive decision to seek medical treatment.

“I’m like: ‘Okay, let’s go to the doctor,'” she added. “I had to be on antibiotics for about three weeks.”

Despite her gorgeous and elaborate wedding tiara resulting in a hospital stay and a three-week antibiotic regiment, the musical icon says she wouldn’t change a thing about her wedding day or her bridal ensemble.

“This is a moment that will be with me for the rest of my life,” she told Vogue. “The dress couldn’t have been big enough. I could’ve had three times the size on my head. I could’ve had six different dresses that night, because he was and he still is such a wonderful human being. He brought (out) the best of me. He really did.”

Angélil was Dion’s former manager, who first started working with the singer professionally when she was 12 years old, People reports. By the time Dion was 19, their professional relationship became a romantic one, and in 1993 the couple revealed their engagement to the world.

In 1994 the pair got hitched, and later welcomed three children together: René-Charles and twins Nelson and Eddy.

In January 2016, Angélil passed away from throat cancer.

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