Chinese Groom Goes Viral For Looking Absolutely Miserable At His Wedding To Much Older Bride – 8 Days

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Couples with large age gaps aren’t rare, but in this instance, netizens also pointed out the obvious weight difference between the newlyweds.

The groom reportedly weighs 65kg, and his bride, 115kg.

Of course, that’s not an issue at all… if only the groom had even the slightest of smiles on his big day.

Many pointed out how he appeared to be “frowning” and looked “put-off” in all of the snaps.

According to reports, the wedding was completely paid for by the bride’s family, with the groom’s family receiving 100K yuan (S$18K) in dowry.

The groom reportedly agreed to the marriage for monetary reasons. 

“Marriage is supposed to be between two willing parties. If you’re not happy being with someone, you should give it serious thought, even if it involves a lot of money!” read one comment. 

“He looks like he has given up on life” was another popular comment, with netizens having a field day taking jabs at the miserable-looking groom.

Well, he did have the choice to say no…

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