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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On Wednesday, FOX4 shared a story about a Kansas City woman who took her custom made ring in for repair. But the jeweler lost it and up until this point refused to replace it at its current value.

One day after the story was shared, there’s now a happy ending.

A special person saw FOX4’s report and on Thursday, they provided a surprise of a lifetime.

FOX4 asked Stacy Herken about celebrating her third wedding anniversary without her ring.

“It hasn’t, it hasn’t been easy at all. It’s just been heart wrenching and it’s by no fault of ours that we’re without it,” Herken said.

The nearly $14,000 custom ring gone and JC Penney not up to helping her get it back but here to save the day, Helzberg diamonds.

Helzberg saw FOX4’s story on Wednesday night and wanted to help

“Hi Stacy, I’m Brian Wulff with Helzberg Diamonds I heard about your story today and everyone at Helzberg just felt like we needed to get you another ring so if you have a few minutes we’d like to take you into the store and make sure we make that happen for you it’ll be on us,” Biand Wulff with Helzberg Diamonds said.

“Oh my goodness, are you serious? What a blessing, thank you so much,” an emotional Herken said.

Like that, Stacy said “I’m in” the deal sealed with a hug and they headed inside.

Stacy didn’t find quite what she wanted in the jewelry cases, so Helzberg got a picture of the ring and the diamond store plans to recreate it from scratch.

Again, free of charge. Now Stacy’s tears are ones of pure joy.

“I have never felt so blessed in my life and I absolutely did not expect that and I cannot thank you – will not shop but Helzberg’s ever again,” she said.

“This is why we do what we do every single day is to create moments in people’s lives knowing that she was going through something kind of tough, and there was actually something we can do about it,” Wulff said.

Stacy said the only time she’s been more blessed than this, was her nine beautiful grandchildren.

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