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If you are half of a couple it’s extremely important that you and your partner are on the same page when to comes to wanting a pet. Well, one happy couple got that discussion out of the way before the ink was dried on their marriage certificate!

They went straight from their wedding ceremony to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter in Virginia to be first in line to adopt a German Shepherd puppy.

The shelter explains on Facebook: After learning that Daisy the puppy was ready to go home with her new family today, this couple wanted to make sure they were here when our doors opened for adoptions.

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However, their wedding ceremony was also scheduled for the same time. Determined to bring Daisy home, the couple decided to move their ceremony to earlier in the morning and then headed straight to our shelter to adopt her!

It’s safe to say that Daisy will be incredibly loved in her new home, and we were so happy for the newlyweds (and new dog parents)!

How adorable is that? People Magazine reports that the couple, both sergeants in the Marine Corps serving as military police at Quantico, celebrated  after adopting Daisy by surprising friends and family by bringing the puppy to the wedding reception.

“It symbolized us starting our own family,” Eduardo says. “My wife and I are beyond excited.”

It’s so wonderful that Daisy is just going to have the best forever home and we are sure adopting her made the day that much more special for the happy couple. What a fairy tale with such a happy ending!

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