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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) — The Teton Dam broke on June 5th, 1976, sending 80 billion gallons of water downstream. In a matter of hours, it wiped out thousands of homes even killing 11 people. The cost of the damage is in the millions. 48 years later, survivors of the disaster are sharing their experiences.

David Taylor and his high school sweetheart Suzie planned to be married June 6 on his grandparent’s wedding anniversary. However, when the dam broke, their future plans were put on hold as the chaos unfolded before them.

“The first thing that came to mind was scared,” Suzie said. “I was worried that it was going to come and get us also, because nobody knew exactly how far it was going to go. So, we went from being excited about getting married in a week to wondering if we were going to have place to have a wedding at.”

Despite the challenges leading up to their wedding, the couple married days later on June 11. This event is a shared hardship they will always remember. After 48 years together, Suzie describes their relationship as stronger than ever.

“It just keeps getting stronger and stronger,” she said. “It’s very rare. People that we grew up with who are our age have not made it this far.”

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