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Eloping has become a popular way for couples to tie the knot – but one bride has come under fire for still expecting wedding gifts, despite marrying in secret.

Many couples will receive kind gestures of money and gifts at their wedding from their guests, but if you don’t have an actual wedding for people to attend – you can’t expect gifts, right?

One couple has been slammed for demanding their friends and family gift them money in a note they’d planned to send after their “secret” elopement. Claiming they still wanted wedding gifts, despite not having anyone attend their big day. However, people have asked how they can just “bill” loved ones for a wedding they never even went to or knew about.

As nice as it is to receive wedding gifts, people have wondered how this couple can still expect the gifts – as they wanted to send a QR code out for people to send money to. The bride took to the popular Facebook page “That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming” to explain what she was asking for and explained that she and her fiance had decided to elope in secret – and were “sending out announcement cards afterwards”, as reported by Tyla.

She said: “I wanted to add a QR code that’s linked to a registry or something where they can either buy a gift or give money to go towards the downpayment on our house and add a sentence or two explaining it.” She then asked other group members how they’d approach this and ask people and wrote: “How would you go about adding/asking?”

The bride also shared a screenshot of the note they were planning on sending out after the elopement – but people weren’t impressed with the idea, as people slated her for just “sending them a bill”.

One person asked: “If you’re eloping in secret, doesn’t that kinda forfeit the ability to get gifts…?” While another shared: “My husband and I eloped (not in secret) and expected absolutely nothing from anyone.”

A third wrote: “I couldn’t imagine asking for gifts when you didn’t even invite anyone to the wedding,” and a fourth added: “So a bill?” You’re basically sending a bill?”

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