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A couple from New Zealand was forced to cancel their wedding after discovering that their cruise would no longer go through. They later learned that their cruise line, P&O Cruises Australia, was being shut down.

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On June 3, parent company Carnival Corporation announced that it was phasing out the P&O Cruises Australia brand and integrating it under Carnival Cruise Line. The organizational changes will be finalized by March 2025. 

Kerryn Pegram and his fiancée had booked an onboard wedding for May 2025. Together with over 100 friends and family, they dreamed of having their ceremony on the Pacific Explorer.

However, they didn’t know it was scheduled to be retired in February next year.

After paying P&O Cruises Australia approximately $3,700, they received a refund and ensured their friends and extended family could do the same.

“[We’re] calling it off completely until we can find a way forward. It’s disappointing to say the least,” Pegram said in an update to Nine News

“We are going to reconsider what to do as Carnival has no routes that leave from New Zealand. We are now just trying to make sure all our whānau get their money back,” he added.

Discovering the Cruise Cancellation by Accident

A large cruise ship labeled

Perryn unceremoniously learned their wedding cruise had been canceled while checking on a friend’s booking. The system suddenly displayed a warning that there were no records of their voyage.

After following customer service’s instructions to check again in 48 hours, he discovered that the cruise brand was about to cease operations.

Pacific Explorer Sailings Cancelled After February 2025

A large P&O Cruise Ship with
Pacific Explorer (Photo courtesy of P&O Cruises Australia’s Facebook Page)

According to a Carnival Corporation spokesperson, anyone booking after March 2 will be reimbursed.

“All itineraries on Pacific Explorer scheduled to sail after 2nd March 2025 are being canceled,” announced P&O. “If you are booked on one of these itineraries you will be contacted by Guest Services in the coming days with refund details.”

Additional onboard credits will be offered to those interested in booking another cruise. Meanwhile, other P&O Cruises Australia and Carnival Cruise Line voyages have not been affected.

Earlier this week, Carnival Corporation explained that it is restructuring to optimize its operations in the South Pacific.

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