Daniel Day-Lewis and Rebecca Miller look like newlyweds as they walk arm-in-arm in New York City… days after – Daily Mail

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Daniel Day-Lewis and wife Rebecca Miller looked like newlyweds as they strolled through New York Thursday. 

The couple, who have been spending time with friends in the Big Apple, strolled arm-in-arm through Central Park. 

Daniel, 66, and Rebecca, 61, who were spotted laughing and chatting together, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on Monday, November 13. 

The There Will Be Blood star stepped out in a pair of tan pants and hiking boots.

He donned a white shirt with black buttons and accessorized it with a silver and black bolo tie.

The retired actor, who stepped away from the profession in 2017, kept warm in the cool temperatures wearing a warm black wool zip jacket with leather trim.

His silver hair was closely cropped and the three-time Oscar winner was clean shaven and wore black framed sunglasses. 

Rebecca looked relaxed in a red hoodie and gray wide leg pants with white sneakers. 

The award winning director topped off the look with a denim coat.

She carried a large brown shoulder bag and appeared to be wearing little makeup behind her dark framed glasses. 

The Independent Spirit Award winner’s salt and pepper hair was pulled back in a half ponytail. 

The writer and director is the daughter of the late playwright Arthur Miller and photographer Inge Morath, and she has followed in their footsteps. 

Her latest film, She Came to Me, starring Anne Hathaway, Peter Dinklage and Marisa Tomei, is currently being streamed on Apple TV+.

The filmmaker said the story about a therapist, a composer and a tug boat captain came to her ‘over a long period of time.’ 

Casual: Daniel, 66, stepped out in a pair of tan pants, hiking boots and a white shirt with black buttons and silver and black bolo tie. Rebecca looked relaxed in a red hoodie and gray wide leg pants with white sneakers, topping off the look with a denim coat

She Came to Me:  Rebecca's latest film, She Came to Me is currently streaming on Apple TV+  (pictured in New York October 3)

In an interview with The Wrap, Rebecca said, in working with her talented cast, ‘one of the most important things as a director is to know when to shut up and not to talk, and to only talk when it’s useful.’

‘You’re working with some of the greatest actors alive and so you really try to be present and useful in the way each of them needs and not more.’ 

Anne plays a clean-freak therapist named Patricia.

Rom com: Anne Hathaway stars as a neat-freak therapist married to Peter Dinklage, an opera composer with writer's block in the romantic comedy

Muse: Marisa Tomei stars as a tugboat captain who becomes the composer's muse

Her character is married to Peter’s opera composer who is suffering for writer’s block.

Marisa Tomei is a tugboat captain who becomes the composer’s muse after they meet in a bar. 

The Oscar winner told the outlet, ‘One of the things I love about movies like this… is because I need movies like this, especially when I was growing up trying to make all the different parts of myself. 

‘Movies like this growing up made me feel so seen, and so excited in my own way about being a human being.’ 

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