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On your wedding day, one of the most important events of your life, you want all the people you’re closest with to be involved. But for many people, their closest people aren’t people at all — they’re pets.

Oliver, a Scottish Fold cat, got to be involved in his parents’ wedding in the most special way. Not only did he attend the wedding, he got to have one of the most important roles in a wedding party — the ring bearer.

Sporting a classic black bow tie, Oliver arrived at the wedding dressed to impress. Coincidentally, his white fur happened to match the bridal color palette.

Oliver looked completely at ease as he cruised down the aisle in a white car decorated with a custom bouquet. It’s hard to imagine that anyone else in the wedding party had such a grand entrance. After all, who else could say that they rode in on their very own vehicle?

Oliver’s parents decided to share his grand entrance on Oliver’s Instagram. It was clear to everyone who saw the post that Oliver stole the show.

“The most handsome of all the wedding,” one commenter wrote on Instagram.

That being said, the wedding wasn’t all fun and games for Oliver, who had the important responsibility of delivering the ring to his parents. But he completed his job flawlessly.

After the ceremony, Oliver joined his parents for a photo shoot. He looked completely comfortable in front of the camera as he perched above his mom’s bouquet and in his parents’ arms.

Perhaps Oliver just has star power in his blood. According to his Instagram, he’s the younger brother of Taylor Swift’s cat, Olivia.

For anyone who’s interested in having their cat participate in their wedding, Oliver can provide some inspiration, even though it’s pretty clear that no cat could do it quite as stylishly as Oliver.

To keep up with what Oliver’s been up to, you can follow him on Instagram.

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