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Dermot Mulroney is looking back at how one of his biggest movies hurt his career.

In a new interview, the 60-year-old actor recalled how the movie poster for his 1997 rom-com My Best Friend’s Wedding, which he starred in with Julia Roberts, led him to not landing a a major acting gig for a year.

Keep reading to find out more…Dermot explained to The New York Times that in the official movie poster, Julia‘s face takes up most of the space while he’s featured very small and on top of a wedding cake.

“I was sitting there ready for the gift with purchase that was supposed to come along with being in a popular movie, and instead, I probably didn’t work for a year,” Dermot shared. “I chalked it up to me being so tiny on the poster, the little guy on the cake. I thought, gosh, you guys, if you’d made me a little bigger, maybe I could have gotten a job.”

Dermot went on to say that he shared some advice about starring in rom-coms with his Anyone But You co-star Glen Powell.

“I didn’t want him to do what I did, which was minimize how important something is that might feel a little light or a little fluff when you’re doing it,” Dermot recalled. “‘What these movies mean to people,’ I told Glen, ‘will last for decades.’ It will last until after you’re gone in a way that maybe the other cool stuff he’s doing won’t. It has a different kind of absorption.”

In honor of My Best Friend’s Wedding‘s 22nd anniversary a few years ago, Julia shared what she loved most about the movie.

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