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Nothing is more awkward than having to attend your friend’s wedding with your ex-fiance. But it looks like this is exactly what happened to Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard over the last week. As Summer House viewers know, RadHouse were once friends turned lovers. And the whole breakup has been a bit nutty. But Lindsay and Carl were like oil and water; they were never meant to be the perfect match.

Carl decided at the last possible minute to call off their wedding, leaving Lindsay blindsided. Viewers are currently getting a first-hand look at just how badly their summer went. Both have been fighting constantly and hitting below the belt. Imagine being invited to a mutual friend’s wedding and having to pretend to get along. It is a logistical nightmare. So, did the two have an awkward reunion? Let’s look at the evidence.

Both Lindsay and Carl were in Portugal

Amanda Batula/Instagram

Amanda Batula has been sure to document her pre-summer trip to Portugal for her friends Daniel and Calli’s wedding. The location looked tropical and warm, and I was already following her daily updates. Along for the ride were her husband, Kyle Cooke, and Carl. The trio was caught in multiple photos enjoying the sights and posing with their other friends. But one photo stood out to me. Amanda posted a group shot with many wedding guests and in the crowd was none other than Lindsay. Even though Carl and Lindsay don’t seem to be posing for photos, Amanda’s photo fingerprint puts Lindsay in Portugal at the same time.

Lindsay is pretending she was in Mexico

However, Lindsay is trying her best to throw us off her scent. On her Instagram, she shared multiple photos of her in Mexico attending another friend’s wedding. But after looking at the time stamps, I can see that the photo was originally posted on April 7. 

She did a later post to throw viewers off, presumably so no one would ask questions about the awkward reunion. Lindsay is a wizz at PR, and I believe the Mexico re-posts this past week were to confuse followers. She clearly didn’t want the public to know that she was at the Portugal wedding. I’m looking at a classic bait-and-switch. I’ve done my detective work and cross-referenced multiple photos. And my conclusion is that the math isn’t mathing. 

Carl was the life of the party

Carl was everywhere, it seems and is in a lot of Kyle and Amanda’s photos. To be honest, it seems like he might have been a third wheel in an attempt to keep his distance from Lindsay. But Kyle and Amanda would have had to at least have said “hi” to the Hubb House owner at one point. Did Carl also say hi too? I’ve painstakingly gone through every story and photo, and at times, I can almost see Lindsay’s head or back in the background. So it isn’t impossible to think pleasantries had to be exchanged. Were they civil to one another, or was it weird cause the new season of Summer House is airing right now and showing their demise? 

Lindsay brought a date

One wedding guest gave us followers exactly what we needed: a boots-on-the-ground perspective. Lindsay, who was still very much at the same wedding, was snapped hanging out with her new man. And the big news here: both were guests at the Portugal wedding. Now, the photo is grainy, but it is not the balloon guy everyone has been fawning over. However, I will say I get scorch-the-earth vibes from Lindsay when she is going through her breakups. I can only imagine that dancing and kissing her new guy at the wedding would push a few of Carl’s buttons. 

The real winners here are the happy married couple who somehow managed to get through their wedding without Carl or Lindsay causing a scene. Because we all know if that had happened it would have been on social media in .4 seconds. 


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