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Prince Harry did receive a wedding invite to the Duke of Westminster‘s lavish wedding tomorrow but declined after both parties recognised the “challenges of his attendance”, a source has claimed.

The seventh Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor, is marrying Olivia Grace Henson at what has been so far dubbed the society wedding of the year.

The extravagant ceremony is set to take place on Friday, June 7, at Chester Cathedral.

It will be attended by 400 guests, including Prince William who, as well as Harry, is a long-standing friend of the duke – crowned the richest man in Britain under 40.

The Prince of Wales is set to be an usher during Friday’s event, which could have seen the heir to the throne show his brother his seat, despite neither of them being on “speaking terms”.

Now according to People magazine, there was an “acknowledgement on both sides that it would be difficult for Harry to attend”.

The outlet claimed it could “confirm” the Duke of Sussex did receive an invite, however after having a conversation with Hugh, a source said that there was an “understanding between the two friends” that he wouldn’t attend.

An insider close to the bride and groom told People that Harry and the Duke of Westminster “mutually made the agreement”.

A source added that Harry had sent “his love and support and admiration for the couple” for their wedding day.

Meanwhile, the magazine claimed that “the decision certainly avoided the inevitable clamour had estranged brothers Prince William, 41, and Prince Harry both attended the nuptials, eliminating the possibility of the big day being overshadowed for the couple.”

It comes as another three key royals are set to miss Friday’s wedding.

The Princess of Wales is not expected to be in attendance as she undergoes preventative chemotherapy for an undisclosed type of cancer.

King Charles, who is also undergoing cancer treatment but has resumed his duties will miss out on the celebrations as he and Queen Camilla will only have just returned from a busy day of engagements in Normandy.

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