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The past came back to haunt certain members of the Fugitive Task Force on FBI: Most Wanted this week. In the episode, fans finally got to meet Ray Cannon (Edwin Hodge)’s father (played by Steven Williams), but the retired FBI agent brought along a little more baggage than anyone might’ve expected.

What happened on FBI: Most Wanted Season 5, Episode 2?

The team had to kick it into high gear to track down a serial bomber after multiple retired NYPD officers were targeted with explosives. They soon discovered that the reason these particular victims were under attack was that they were part of a military operation that tortured a little girl to get answers from her suspected terrorist father years ago. Regrettably, Ray Sr. was among those involved in the incident and found himself on the defensive of the father-and-daughter team that sought to exact revenge. It was then up to Ray to talk them out of killing his pop right in front of him, and the encounter was extremely intense for both audiences and the actors alike.

Edwin Hodge spoke to Parade about his work in the episode and how he pulled off those pivotal too-close-for-comfort encounters with the terrorists.

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“This entire episode’s really intense. There’s a moment between myself and one of the terrorists that actually sent some shivers down my spine… I’m like, ‘Wow, he was this close to me. He could kill me right there,'” Hodge remembered. “When I get to my speech, I was scared… But at the same time, the main objective is that I stay within myself and that I get everybody out of here safe. So I’m playing with all of these ideas in my head and trying to create and build this moment. And for me, that intensified everything that I needed to bring.”

“We live in a world where we’re here with one minute and kind of next,” Hodge continued. “And I think that’s what weighed on me, the idea that my dad could’ve been here one minute and gone the next. I think that that would weigh on anybody.”

As heavy as those moments were, though, there were also many bright spots for Ray in the episode, particularly when it came to his ever-growing relationship with Cora Love (Caroline Harris) and her son Caleb (Ja’Siah Young). Not only did Ray finally get entrusted with some one-on-one time with the boy, but he and Cora also decided to go “all in” on their relationship and take things to the next level.

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Will Ray and Cora get married on FBI: Most Wanted?

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According to Hodge, that could absolutely be the sound of wedding bells fans are starting to hear while watching the two continue to flourish.

“We’re at the point where she’s meeting Ray’s father. Obviously for Ray, this is not someone you’re just gonna bring around, especially at his age,” Hodge said. “I think that’s just how he is in his personal life, in this business. But with Cora, yeah, I think that would be the ultimate next step. Watching the relationship bloom to the point where maybe there are wedding bells being rung through the air here. I think it’s going to push that way. I think we’re gonna see a strong relationship between him and her son, and what that means for Caleb and then what that means for Ray as well.” In other words, prepare for so much more swoon on the way with the two!

What movie is Edwin Hodge is making outside of the FBI universe?

Edwin Hodge isn’t just having a big week on the small screen, though. On Friday, Feb. 23, his new movie Parallel is hitting theaters, and it’s one that he co-wrote and produced with his brother, Aldis Hodge. The film is an adaptation of the 2019 Chinese science-fiction film Parallel Forest and features the Hodges alongside Danielle Deadwyler.

“A buddy of mine that I worked with on another show Six, Jaylen Moore, he’s now a producer as well and approached me with a with the script,” he said of the story, which finds its characters navigating parallel spaces. “I watched the original film written by Lei Zheng, and I really loved the idea. I loved the concept of it.”

After reviewing a few script treatments for the film, he and his brother developed their own ideas for the story, and Moore asked Edwin Hodge to write it.

“I was reluctant at first because I was like this is kind of it was a big step for me as a writer, being able to kind of jump into something that’s already kind of going, and that’s something that I had to pitch or try to sell and whatnot. But then I asked my brother, ‘Hey, can you help me write this? You have the story in your head, but I can go ahead and do the finger stuff.’ And that’s the way we wrote it, pretty much just going back and forth.”

The experience was a new one for Hodge, who said, “My brother and I, we were wearing three different hats, writing, producing, and acting. So there’s a lot of management of personal feelings and whatnot, and then management of an entire crew that we had to deal with, which is very new. So, it was an inspiring experience and one that I’m gonna continue to do.”

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