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Emeli Sande has been forced to call off her wedding plans over a year after she announced her engagement to classical pianist Yoana Karemova.

The 36-year-old My Kind Of Love singer came out in April 2022 and announced she and Yoana were engaged in September last year. However, Emeli has revealed the couple’s wedding plans have had to change due to her busy schedule.

She revealed the couple will not be tying the knot in 2023 as her work schedule is set to ramp up in the coming months. “We’ve kind of put them on hold until I get this album out and we do the shows this year but we’ll probably start planning next year or early next year,” she told Metro.co.uk.

Emeli was engaged previously to marine biologist Adam Gouraguine in January 2012 and the childhood sweethearts, who met as teenagers, married in an intimate ceremony in Montenegro eight months later. However, the singer ended the marriage after just one year.

Emeli and Yoana have postponed wedding arrangements
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Emeli Sande

Emeli announced her engagement last year

In 2022, the singer revealed she had fallen in love with Yoana when she was learning about classical music. She admitted at the time that she felt “happier than ever”.

Meanwhile, Emeli opened up on her close relationship with her family in an interview with The Mirror last year. She said: “The greatest love of my life is my sister Lucy. We were so, so close when we were really young, and we live together now.

“She’s two years younger and she was always the first person I’d show my songs. I’d just call her down from her room and play her anything I’d written on the piano and that journey has continued and she’s part of my team now, just taking care of me spiritually and giving me her wisdom. She’s a real rock for me.”

She went on to praise her dad for supporting her passion for music, she added: “I wanted to be a singer from a very young age and I remember singing Without You, by Mariah Carey when I was about seven and Dad coaching me saying, ‘You need to feel the emotion, run your hand down the door frame.’ He gave me diva lessons. He loved soul music, and I inherited his love of big female voices.

“After high school I started studying medicine, but decided to defer for a year to concentrate on my music and rather than get angry with me Dad just said, ‘You’ve loved doing this since you were a kid, so follow your dreams.’ That surprised me, but I think he knew that I was on that path and that he couldn’t really stop it.”

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