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Weddings have changed a lot over the years, with many couples refusing to pay out for expensive traditions that might have once been expected. However, one bridesmaid has revealed how her friendship with an entitled bridezilla is now up for debate after she discovered she was expected to foot a large chunk of the bill for the hen party.

Wondering how to proceed with the situation and potentially lose a life-long friend, she shared the predicament on social media. Explaining that the upcoming wedding and bridal shower would be across the country, she listed everything the bride expected her and others to pay for.

She wrote: “Keep in mind both the wedding and the bachelorette will be halfway across the country for the entire bridal party. Just the flights alone are hundreds of dollars for each. She wants us all to pay for: her bridal shower at a nice restaurant along with decorations plus set everything up (she expects gifts too from us).

“Flights to both her wedding and bachelorette, hotels for both, her portion of the bachelorette, she isn’t providing transportation to her wedding for any guests even the bridal party so Ubers for the wedding rehearsal dinner and the bachelorette trip, food and drinks and activities for bachelorette, matching outfits/themes for bachelorette, our dresses, hair/makeup is optional, and a wedding gift.

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“I’m sure I’m missing a few expenses too. Some of us have kids in the bridal party and it’s also a kid-free wedding so I will have to pay for childcare to attend as well as others.” She continued: “This just seems outrageous to me. We’re all in our mid-twenties and none of us are by any means rich in the bridal party. I expected to pay some costs but this is crazy.

“It seems like this is going to rack up to thousands of dollars. Her parents are filthy rich too but she said she wants to save most of her wedding budget for a house which I’m sure is why she isn’t spending much on her bridal party and cutting costs there.

“I think it’s a little rude since we’re all traveling so far and spending so much to attend that she can’t pay for at least transportation to and from the wedding for her bridal party. There’s not even an open bar.”

The bridesmaid admitted that she’s considering dropping out of the bridal party as she can’t afford everything the bride is expecting. She added: “Am I crazy for thinking that this is a lot to expect of your friends in their mid-twenties to pay for or am I wrong? Some of the people in the bridal party are still in school as well so I have no idea how they will be able to afford all this.”

People reading the Reddit post were quick to side with the disgruntled bridesmaid and assure her the bride was being greedy and unreasonable. One person replied: “This seems insane. I would back out of being in the wedding.” And someone else wrote: “She wants to save her wedding money for a house but she sure is happily spending you all’s money.

“Nope, I’d tell her can’t do it! Her expectations are too high and she not putting anything towards it. She is rude and greedy! Weddings have become outrageously expensive and bride’s expectations are too high. Champagne taste on a beer budget.”

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