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Dear Cheapskate: My fiance and I have decided to move our wedding day up from two years to 10 weeks. Yikes! I’m a bargain hunter, but I find my head spinning with the reality of planning a small family wedding and keeping it within a realistic budget. Do you have any ideas? — H.M., New York

Dear H.M.: Whew! That’s a tall order, but here goes: Rent your dress (search for a rental facility near you). Have your attendants wear clothes they own already. Enlist the help of friends and family. Get your cake from Costco or your local supermarket bakery.

Order your flowers in bulk at wholesale prices from Sam’s Club (nonmembers can order for 5% tacked on), then arrange the “growers bunch” flowers in country-style, rustic bouquets. Sam’s will even deliver the flowers to you two days before your wedding.

Don’t shy away from asking to borrow. If you know someone who recently had a wedding, inquire about borrowing some of their stuff. And if you are on the other side of a wedding, offer to lend.

Remember this: After every wedding comes a marriage. In the end it’s what you put into the marriage that will matter, not the food or flowers that you and your guests will soon forget. Congratulations, and may all your worries be little ones. We had two.

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