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The Monmouth County Clerk’s Office is set to officiate its first group wedding at the Hominy Hill Clubhouse in Colts Neck, where multiple couples will seal their love in the same room.

The bridal event is set to take place at 3 p.m. June 26, and so far 12 couples have been confirmed and more can join, said Monmouth County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon.

As a county clerk, Giordano Hanlon marries couples on a regular basis, but on occasions she has had to turn wedding requests down because there are too many of them.

“Sometimes we have to turn people away, so I just though this might be a nice opportunity to accommodate more people than I’m normally able to,” she said.

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At first, Giordano Hanlon thought about making a Valentine’s group ceremony as seen in other states, but first she wanted to give it a try during this spring and summer to see if people would be interested in group weddings. And they are.

Every couple would be married simultaneously. In a large room, the couples would be lined up right next to each other in front of their guests. Each pair will then turn to each other to recite their vows.

“We are going to set it up very nicely and they will say their vows as the other couples are saying their vows to their fiancées,” said Giordano Hanlon, who’s been the county clerk in Monmouth since 2015.

Each couple can bring up to four guests to watch them. The event will be livestreamed for those who cannot attend.

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Only the wedding ceremony will take place at the country club, not the reception. Couples can still use the grounds of the club for photos.

Other couples interested in joining the ceremony should call the Monmouth County Clerk at 732-431-7324 and follow the prompts for the administrative office.

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