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Once you get an idea of your aesthetic, you should take a look at what videographers are local to your venue or have the ability to travel to your nuptials. A recommendation, particularly from your wedding planner or photographer, also can be extremely helpful in your search as they will likely have experience collaborating with whomever they recommend, which will make the process more seamless.

While the look of a videographer’s style is important, don’t forget to consider that they will be with you throughout your wedding. “I recommend finding someone that you enjoy being around, who you connect with, and who has a clear vision,” says Jespersen. “If you love the energy and work of the person and align on their vision, then bravo, you found your wedding videographer!”

How to Add to the Wedding Videography Experience

While your wedding videographer’s fees will often cover their time, assistants, travel, equipment, hard drives, and editing, there are some additions that you can make to create a more robust film. While most couples limit videography to the main wedding day, you can also shoot the rehearsal dinner, welcome event, or smaller events you host around a wedding weekend. “Being able to relive the full experience of your entire wedding weekend is priceless. I even have clients who decide to bring me on for their engagement session or bachelor and bachelorette parties,” says Frank. Drone footage is also now a common add-on for sweeping overhead shots of ceremonies and reception layouts.

For couples that want a deeper look into their relationship in their wedding video, you can hire your videographer to film an additional adventure session. “[It’s] kind of like a ‘day in the life’ of the couple,” explains Conklin. “The videographer follows them around while they engage in a favorite activity. This content really adds a personal touch to the couple’s wedding video and is very compelling.”

Since many couples want to share their weddings on social media, a videographer can also provide specific additional edits that are properly sized down for different platforms, as well as the full-length film. These short clips can occasionally be turned around the week after your wedding. “Couples can absolutely ask their videographer if there is an option for quick turnarounds for highlights for social media,” adds Jespersen. “A lot of our clients do this and we love providing it. A video that is turned around the next day really elevates the experience and connectivity at an event.”

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