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The farm-to-table concept has been around for a while, but some couples expect more than simply fresh cuisine at their wedding. They want to be fully immersed in the farm experience.

Last October, Matthew Steinberg and Michelle Schwartz married in front of 100 guests in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, atop a thriving roof-deck farm overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

The cocktail hour was held outside, and photos of the couple were taken as they stood between crop beds. “It was cool to see people picking peppers on the property, and knowing hours later we were drinking them with tequila,” Mr. Steinberg, 30, a freelance TV editor, said of the pepper margaritas that were served.

Brooklyn Grange, which runs the rooftop facility, hosts around 45 weddings from April through November at its Sunset Park and Brooklyn Navy Yard locations. Rates start at $13,500 for a maximum of 150 people at Sunset Park and $6,000 for 50 or less at the Navy Yard.

The fully functioning, sustainably cultured farms grow botanicals, which are used in cocktails, as well as wildflowers for décor and various produce that is handpicked by staffers and incorporated into catered meals.

“To look at a plant or produce growing, while simultaneously consuming and tasting it in your drink or on your plate, and to look at wildflowers blooming and to see them arranged on your table, brings a deep, intensified full-circle connection between you, nature, and of all of these elements and experiences,” said Anastasia Cole Plakias, a founder of Brooklyn Grange. “The idea of farm to table is changing. Now you’re coming to the food, and the table is in the farm.”

The wildflowers grown on the farm can be used for bridal bouquets or table centerpieces.via Chatham Bars Inn
The farm offers wedding guests educational tours, as well as gift baskets filled with harvested produce.via Chatham Bars Inn

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