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A Wisconsin newscaster fatally shot herself last year after her wedding was called off, and since then her fiancé has gotten engaged and married, and is now filing for divorce from his 23-year-old wife.

Neena Pacholke, a 27-year-old news anchor at WAOW, committed suicide in August 2022 after her then-fiancé Kyle Haase, 39, called off their wedding just seven weeks before it was set to take place. Friends and Haase himself had called 911 to perform a welfare check on Pacholke, but by the time police arrived, she had taken her own life.

Just months later, Haase reportedly met Ashley Groshek, who was 22 at the time, at a local bar and began dating. But a friend of Pacholke told the Daily Mail that Groshek was actually a former lover that Pacholke had suspected her fiancé had been cheating on her with.

Haase and Groshek ended up getting engaged in June of this year and had their wedding in September. But less than six weeks later, the couple reportedly jointly filed for divorce Oct. 18.

“Kyle got engaged, married and now is divorcing, all in a little over a year since his ex-fiancée took her own life,” the unnamed friend told Daily Mail. “His actions speak louder than words. I’m not sure how someone can fall in love, get married and file for divorce in that short time after experiencing the loss of a fiancée. It’s obvious the lack of respect he had for Neena.”

Haase reportedly still lives in the same house where Pacholke took her life, and even lived there with Groshek for a short period of time. Haase and Pacholke had bought the home a month before her tragic death.

A friend of Pacholke told the outlet that the ring that Haase used to propose to Groshek looked a lot like Pacholke’s ring, with some minor changes.

Unnamed sources told Daily Mail that the short-lived couple got into a physical altercation at a KISS concert after Groshek discovered Haase texting other women, but both individuals denied the incident. Haase and Groshek told the outlet, “None of that is true,” and Groshek added, “Kyle has always been loyal to me.”

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