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Wedding Guest Rule Number 67 – Never underestimate the significance of negative energy that is released from your previous relationship. Even if, in your opinion, you parted completely peacefully and even remained friends. Even if that relationship ended years ago. Even if you’re going to attend someone’s wedding together after many years.

Okay, I admit, I made up this rule myself (as well as the 66 previous ones), but the user u/jtclem10, the author of today’s story of ours, did experience blatant neglect at the wedding of someone they truly considered a close friend. Don’t believe that this is even possible? Then let’s quickly move on to reading!

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The author of the post recently got an invitation to their close friend’s wedding and of course RSVP’d yes

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The author and the groom had been in the same group of friends since high school and the author even dated one of this group


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So when the author arrived, they found there was no room for them at any of the tables

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The groom told him there was a place at the kids’ table – but the guest was devastated over such disrespect

So, let’s outline the situation in just a few words – a close friend of the Original Poster (OP) was going to get married and, of course, the author was among those invited. The thing is that for seven years now, since high school, the OP and the groom-to-be had been part of the same friend group, and the original poster had even dated one of these friends for some time.

This relationship ended a long time ago, but when the author came to the wedding reception, they met their ex-sweetheart at a common table with other friends. There was only one problem – there were no empty seats at this friendly table. Oh yes, sorry – two problems, there were no empty seats at all. Not at any table.


The original poster walked around the room in confusion, reminding themselves of John Travolta’s character from that Pulp Fiction meme, but apparently they didn’t have a single seat saved for them. The author tried to catch the groom and clarify everything, but he was damn busy – which is quite understandable – and said that there seemed to be an empty seat at the kids’ table.

The situation was seriously unpleasant for the author of the post – especially in contrast with the happy guests at their friends’ table, and the no less happy face of their ex. So the OP sat through the ceremony until the end, and then, sad and devastated, went home. A couple of days have passed since then – and the original poster still hasn’t come to a conclusion whether it was an unfortunate coincidence, or the groom really succumbed to their ex’s influence and took part in a rude prank.

Be that as it may, the author is inclined to believe the best – especially considering how hectic and messy the wedding day turns out to be for any newlyweds. And also because the groom, in their own words, is one of the most decent people they have ever known…

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“To be honest, I wouldn’t suspect any malicious intent here,” says Denis Tsikanovsky, a wedding host from Tel Aviv, Israel, with whom Bored Panda got in touch for a comment on this tale. “After all, if there are stories about weddings that went off without a single problem, in strict accordance with a pre-drawn plan, then this is definitely from the fantasy genre. Because a wedding is impossible without all sorts of inconsistencies.”


“In any case, it seems to me that there was simply an unpleasant coincidence, and no one wanted to frame this person. Moreover, they themselves say that the groom is a very nice guy. Yes, it’s damn unpleasant when a guest doesn’t find themselves a seat at the reception, but this actually happens, and quite often. You just need to accept it, calm down and move on. I hope this unpleasant story will not affect their future friendship with the groom,” Denis summarizes.

But the opinions of people in the comments to the original post were very divided. Some folks really believe that it was an accident and the organizers simply made a mistake when drawing up the sitting chart. “Tried to keep you separate from your ex, meant to come back to your name on the list later to find a spot for you, forgot,” one of the commenters suggests how things really were.

However, some commenters are almost sure that the groom and the OP’s ex did it on purpose. “He knows exactly what happened and would rather not deal with it and act like nothing happened,” another person wrote in the comments. “I would honestly share my feelings with him and your friends. If they still don’t see your POV then cut them off.”

Be that as it may, many people also wrote that something similar happened to them or their relatives – so who knows, maybe no one played a cruel joke on the author? So what do you, our dear readers, think? Please feel free to express your points of view in the comments below.


People in the comments were actually divided on whether the groom did it on purpose or not

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