Goat intended to be wedding gift gets away, turns up with NJ police – NBC Philadelphia

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There was a bleating mystery in South Jersey over the weekend that ended with a goat claimed by some newlyweds.

Paulsboro police first posted about “Freddie” the goat Sunday evening:

“So this is a first for us. Did someone lose their Goat?” wrote the Paulsboro Police Department in an emoji-filled Facebook post on June 9, 2024. They then gave a phone number “so we can get this little guy home before he eats his way out of the enclosure.”

Several hours later, it seemed that they had found where the lettuce-munching animal came from.

“Owners have been located!” police wrote. “Freddie is a wedding gift that took a leisurely stroll from where he was being hidden until gift time. Thank you all for your help.”

That’s right, Freddie was intended to be gifted during nuptials.

No word on what the bride or groom thought of the gift.

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