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Every bride knows it’s a painstakingly long process getting made up to look your best on your big day. However, for one bride, it seemed her groom hadn’t gone to too much trouble when he turned up at the altar wearing a black suit – and Crocs to match.

With one Reddit user posting the image of the couple holding hands during their vows, many vowed to delete the image from their memory, while questioning if he had chosen the footwear as part of an inside joke.

With the image masking the identity of the potentially blushing bride, the post was captioned: “Imagine you get ready for three hours and your groom shows up in Crocs,’ leading to many users questioning the groom’s foot health. One said: “Maybe he has a problem with his feet that means he can’t wear proper footwear? Surely no one, no matter how casual in style, voluntarily leaves the house in Crocs?”

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His footwear has sparked a debate

Another applauded the man for choosing comfort over style: “The older I get, the more hostile I become to discomfort. At this point, I’m thrilled to see someone in Crocs at their wedding.” Another joked: “Maybe one of them is heir to the Croc family fortune and it’s a condition to stay in grandad’s will?”

A few readers questioned if the bride was also wearing wedding day Crocs, which could have been covered by her dress, with some Etsy retailers now selling bridal Crocs costing up to £150. Another said they definitely wouldn’t say ‘I Do’ to the shoe: “Crocs would be a legit reason to say no at the altar.”

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