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The knot was tied — and so was his tongue.

A UK groom had his bride blushing for a different reason after accidentally telling her that he would “laugh at” her when she’s “sad,” as seen in a hysterical video.

“It’s a moment no one can forget or live down,” Robert Thomson, 36, told SWNS of the “memorable” matrimonial meltdown.

“I did see the funny side of it,” said Thomson, 36. Amy Thomson / SWNS

The gaffe happened last year while the construction worker and his bride-to be Amy had been celebrating their big day last April in their hometown of Essex.

“It was such a lovely day,” gushed Thomson reminiscing on the joyous occasion.

However, things went south when the lovebirds took the altar and recited their vows.

“I call upon these persons here present to witness that I, Robert James Thompson do take thee Amy Susan Sheila Jacqueline Aldon to be my lawful wedded wife,” he said, repeating the officiant’s cue. “As I take you to be my wife, I promise to love you, to honor and respect you.”

Thomson then got a little choked up, but gathered himself and continued, whereupon he delivered a nuptial blunder for the ages.

“I will stand by you and be true to your will,” the groom declared. “I will care for you, laugh at you when you’re happy, laugh at you when you’re sad.”

The moment sent the wedding guests into hysterics. Amy Thomson / SWNS

His verbal slip-up sent the wedding party, including Amy, into hysterics as Thomson realized he made an epic mistake. After the laughter died down, the red-faced builder put his hand on his other half’s shoulder and recited the correct line: “I will comfort you when you’re sad.”

The Brit chalked up the verbal gaffe to the fact that he was feeling extra nervous because Amy was “45 minutes late.”

Thankfully, the newlyweds believe the slip of the tongue was quite humorous in retrospect. “I did see the funny side of it,” said Thomson. “And our family and friends definitely saw the funny side of it too!”

Robert and Amy Thomson. Amy Thomson / SWNS

“I don’t think he realized until the reaction,” seconded his bride. “We’ll never forget it.” 

In a much cruder and less charming instance of wedding vows gone awry, a Florida groom was shamed online after promising to “smack” his partner’s “a–“ every chance he got.

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