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It’s going to be a long couple of months and years before this groom is back in good graces with his future wife.

According to soon-to-be bride Lindel Cain, she and fiancée Tom are currently asking the public’s help in trying to find her $2,000+ wedding gown after her fiancée mistakenly left it on top of the car before driving away. 

Sure, Tom – we’ll believe it was ‘a mistake.’ (Also, there’s just something hilarious that his name is Tom. If it wasn’t going to be Chad, Tom is the next best name to yell at.)


“We have unfortunately lost a potential wedding dress. Tom stupidly left the package on the roof of the car,” Cain wrote in a Facebook post. They are now offering a $500 award if anyone can find it.

Apparently, TOM (damnit, Tom!) was moving boxes and packages when he put the most important thing besides the wedding rings – his bride’s wedding dress that was inside a bag on top of the car! Tom then decided to get in his car, probably put on some Pharrell or Bruno Mars on his Spotify playlist, and go speeding off on the highway like he was Tom Cruise in Top Gun, but in a Honda.. The couple says that it was only later when they pulled into a separate shopping center that Tom realized his blunder. 

Lindel says they began retracing their steps – including walking along a damn highway!

“We parked the car and walked along Port Wakefield Rd with trucks going [55 miles per hour] past us, trying to find the box somewhere on the side of the road,” Lindel said. 

If Tom wasn’t hesitant about his marriage before, he may be now because, my man, you are in it for the long haul now. The amount of subdued, passively aggressive references she’s going to make to you anytime you go out late with the fellas, or forget something for a dinner party – she is always going to bring this up.

“Oh, you love me so much that you forgot my wedding gown on top of the damn car?!” 

I can hear it already now. Godspeed, Tom!

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