Groom shocks guests by wearing ‘Snoop Dogg outfit’ to his wedding: ‘He looks like an inmate’ – Daily Mail

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A groom has been slammed for wearing casual attire at his own wedding after hundreds assumed he was an ‘inmate’ getting married in a ‘prison yard’.

The man was photographed holding hands with the bride in a matching khaki set with a new pair of Nike Air Jordans.

His short-sleeve shirt was loose-fitted and slightly crumpled; it was paired with a pair of crushed cargo pants. 

The bride eventually revealed that the groom was wearing a ‘Snoop Dogg outfit’ from Walmart.

She said they went to the store to buy his wedding suit but the groom didn’t like anything except the Snoop Dogg set.

People who lacked context were left scratching their heads. 

‘This [isn’t] meant to be disrespectful at all, but is he an inmate?’ a friend of the bride asked. ‘Just wondering how those types of weddings work, I’m only asking because of the location and his outfit.’

Another added, ‘The outfit does look like typical correctional facility garb from a distance.’

‘It was the Jordans that did it for me. How did he get brand new Js at the county?’ a woman said.

But others couldn’t get over the Snoop Dogg aspect of the groom’s outfit.

‘If my fiancé shows up to our wedding dressed like this I’m leaving,’ one said.

‘I don’t know what’s worse … your finance showing up to your wedding as a felon or a Snoop Dogg cosplayer,’ another wrote.

The man was photographed holding hands with the bride in a matching khaki set with a new pair of Nike Air Jordans

‘If he wanted to take inspiration from a rapper while sticking to a budget, he should have gone with Macklemore and hit up a thrift store instead. At least there he could have come up with a button-down shirt and tie,’ a woman said.

There were several other aspects of the wedding people criticised.  

‘[The Snoop Dogg outfit] distracts you from the white socks and black slides that the officiant has going on,’ a woman pointed out.

‘Why is there a garbage bin by the groomsmen?’ another asked.

‘The groom might actually be the best dressed of this bunch. Wedding dress looks like Ms Havisham’s 30 years later, it’s so dingy, and the olive jeans with purple shirt by one groomsman is a no,’ a third wrote.

‘Everyone in these pictures is guilty of first or second-degree fashion murder,’ another added.

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