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(CNN) – While some people include their beloved pets in their wedding ceremonies, a groom in England took it a step further by surprising his bride with a penguin as their ring bearer.

At Joey and Kerry Keilty’s wedding, a rent-a-penguin named Widget carried the couple’s rings on a ribbon as he followed a bucket of fish down the aisle. It was a surprise for the bride, whose favorite animal is the penguin.

During the ceremony, the best man pretended he’d lost the rings then dashed out. The officiant was in on it, as the groom faked concern.

Then, it was Widget to the rescue, as the penguin came waddling out with the rings – an unforgettable moment during an already special occasion.

“She was definitely happy. She had a little tear in her eye,” Joey Keilty said of his bride.

Job done, Widget and three other penguins mingled with the guests. It cost about $2,500 to rent the party animals for two hours, but for Joey Keilty, it was worth every penny.

“It made an absolutely perfect day just that extra little bit special,” he said.

There were just a couple of hitches, as one of the penguins pecked a wedding guest and all of them left “presents” on the lawn outside.

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