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As far as good signs for the marriage, this has to be one of the best, right?

I got married last year and it was a great day, but I do have to admit I’m kind of jealous of my cousin who got married a few weeks before. Like us, they had a barn wedding but there was also a pond right next to the venue and he brought in a bunch of fishing poles for everyone to make a few casts during cocktail hour and it was an absolute hit (although my hands smelled like bluegill for the rest of the night).

Well, a groomsman at a wedding in Georgia just the other day also had the chance to throw in a line while wearing a suit and just so happened to land his PB while the cameras were rolling.

The guys were setting up to take a “funny picture” before the ceremony and everyone grabbed a fishing pole and tossed out a line for the shot. I doubt anyone was actually supposed to catch anything but one of the guys (fittingly sporting a mullet) felt a bite, set the hook, and brought in his PB largemouth bass.

Honestly, just watch the video because it’s super cool and I’m extremely jealous of his ability to stay dry; when I land a fish it’s like I just ran through a car wash.

Like I said, this couple had to be feeling pretty great about their prospects after getting this nod from nature.

Shoutout McDaniel Film Co for rolling with the moment. Catching your PB is great enough but having professional photographers around to capture the whole thing in HD is almost too good to believe.

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