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You can’t please everyone, I guess…

And, by the sound of it, this guy is about to ignite a feud with his neighbors that might end up being a modern-day Hatfields and McCoys situation!

Check out his story below and see if you think he’s to blame for what’s going on.

“I have new neighbors next door and when they moved in the mentioned they were having a backyard wedding for their daughter.

We were invited but declined due to other conflicts.

The wedding was to take place on a Sunday.

The prior Wednesday, they had a big party with loud music and karaoke.

Given they seemed like reasonable people, I figured they would shut down the music after 11 pm (quiet time bylaw in my area).

These people sound like jerks.

They did not shut it down and only got louder.

Around 1 am when myself, wife or two kids could not sleep, I went over and kindly asked them to turn down the music.

We always had a very quiet neighborhood.

I got yelled at, like hard, and have it all on video, thanks to my security system.

Music continues until 3 am.

So the next day it happens again. I don’t say anything.

Friday comes around and I called bylaw asking them to ask the neighbors to respect the noise bylaw.

I also mentioned the wedding…


Well turns out backyard weddings need a permit, which they did not have.

Bylaw said no wedding or huge fine.

They had 2 days to find a new venue and we l found out from others they are super upset.


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This Reddit user said the neighbors weren’t willing to compromise.

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This person has been there before…

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And another person agreed that he’s NTA.

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It sounds like this feud won’t be going away anytime soon…

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