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It’s not that unheard of for a family member to try to intervene and destroy a loved one’s wedding, but it is pretty wild when someone winds up ruining their own special day.

This 31-year-old man’s wedding was supposed to happen this weekend, and he takes responsibility for sadly and singlehandedly ruining the entire thing.

He and his 27-year-old fiancée had planned on having a wedding on the smaller side, and he flew his mom in from Texas to attend their event.

On Friday evening, he went out to celebrate and had way too much to drink. He says this is not normally something he does, and the fact that he got hammered is not within the realm of how he usually acts.

In fact, he’s really not that much of a drinker at all, so he’s shocked that he allowed himself to get so out of hand.

When he finally arrived home after his exciting night out on the town, he started an enormous fight before locking himself out of the house.

Then, the police quickly arrived since he was being so rambunctious.

“Apparently, I said some pretty choice words to the officers on scene and ended up spending the next 30 hours in a jail cell,” he explained.

“Wedding is postponed, fiancée loves me, but we are both super hurt. I don’t understand who I was; I’ve never done this.”

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