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It’s devastating and traumatizing enough to have your best friend ghost you out of nowhere. It’s even more traumatizing for them to ghost you on your wedding day.

One woman is unsure what to do about her best friend, who didn’t attend her wedding and hasn’t contacted her since, even though she said she’d be there.

She had a best friend from middle school, and they had known each other for 15 years. They had been through a lot together, and when she got engaged back in 2022, she knew she wanted her friend by her side during her very small elopement.

While she loved her friend, she did have a bad habit of being flaky. There were times when her friend wouldn’t show up to certain events or cancel their plans without warning. However, since her friend was so loving and great in person, she still had faith in her as a friend.

“A few months before the wedding, I messaged her [to confirm] the [wedding] details, and she didn’t answer,” she recalled.

“Weeks went by with no response, [so] I finally messaged her and said I was feeling upset that she wasn’t responding and just wanted to know if she was coming, as we had a very [small] wedding and needed a final headcount. She responded [and] we talked for a while. She said she was coming [but] she just was so busy, and things were intense.”

Months before the wedding, she drove to her friend’s house, sat with her, and ensured she had everything in place to make it to her wedding.

She helped her schedule time off from work for the wedding and offered to help her pay for a rental car, hotel, etc. Her friend turned down her offer for the rental car and hotel and promised to drive three hours to the venue and back on the wedding day.

After all that, her friend went silent on her for the last three weeks leading up to the wedding.

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