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Sometimes, parents and in-laws can’t help but be overbearing in certain situations, especially weddings. While you may encounter a few bumps in the road with them during the wedding planning process, they should respect your boundaries and stay out of your way unless you need help.

One woman’s wedding week was incredibly disrupted by her in-laws and her husband doesn’t want her to tell anyone about their behavior.

She and her husband, Jack, are both 26 and got married in August. They’ve been together since they were 15 and decided they wanted to have a small, low-key wedding. The only people invited were her dad and brother since her mom passed away. Jack invited his mom, dad, sister, and brother-in-law.

They were happy with their small guest list and explained to their families why they wanted things that way. Then, at the start of their wedding week, her in-laws knocked on their door with Jack’s mom, dad, aunt, uncle, and their 14-year-old daughter in tow. Jack’s family told her and Jack they needed to stay with them until the wedding, which made her super annoyed.

However, not wanting to cause drama, she and Jack let all five relatives stay at their house. Unfortunately, the drama wasn’t avoidable for long due to her in-laws’ behavior.

The day before the wedding, she had a bunch of errands to run but woke up to her car missing from the driveway.

“My mother-in-law helped herself to it so she could go shopping at the mall,” she recalled.

“I called Jack, he called his mom, [and] she returned the car four hours later. The mall is 15 minutes away from our house.”

When she got home, Jack told her there was drama in the house because his mom and aunt were upset about finding their security camera near their back door. They have the camera to keep track of their dogs outside and ensure it’s locked.

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