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HERRIMAN — Many of us would love to have the kind of marriage Adriana Guerra Sepulveda has with her husband.

“44 years,” she said, smiling. “We met and we got married 2 1/2 months later.”

Sometimes, you just know.

“I fell in love with him,” she said. “He put my wedding ring on my finger there at the stairs and it was beautiful.”

A photo of Adriana Guerra Sepulveda and her husband in their home. (Greg Anderson, KSL TV)

Which makes losing that ring, all these decades later so tough.

“I am really sad because of what it means to me. Not because of the value, but because of what it means to me,” said Guerra Sepulveda.

Adriana Guerra Sepulveda wearing her wedding ring out with her husband. (Guerra Sepulveda family)

Adriana Guerra Sepulveda wearing her wedding ring out with her husband. (Guerra Sepulveda family)

On Halloween night, Guerra Sepulveda was excited for the trick-or-treaters coming to her Herriman home.

“We were all so happy putting on our costumes,” she said.

She said she often let the trick-or-treaters pick out what candy they wanted but also placed handfuls of candy into their bags. It was during one of these friendly exchanges that she thinks it happened.

“I was putting my hand in their bags and giving them and giving them, and then they left and I sat down, and then, oh no. My rings were gone,” she said. “I couldn’t believe it. I said no, I didn’t go anywhere. I was just right there. I didn’t move from here. So I said oh no, it is in a bag. I am sure it is in a bag and I don’t know which bag.”

The Halloween decorations on the Guerra Sepulveda's door. (Greg Anderson, KSL TV)

The Halloween decorations on the Guerra Sepulveda’s door. (Greg Anderson, KSL TV)

The gold wedding band her husband gave her 44 years ago, and the diamond ring he gifted her years later were both gone. She searched everywhere, just to be sure.

Guerra Sepulveda’s daughter posted about it on a Herriman social media page, but a week later, the ring has yet to turn up.

Someone responded to the social media post and contacted the family, saying they found a diamond ring in their kids’ Halloween candy bag. However, after exchanging pictures, it turns out that wasn’t her ring, which means someone else lost a ring, likely in the same way that night.

Guerra Sepulveda’s granddaughter gave her one of her rings to try and make up for it.

“That was so special to me that she would do that,” said Guerra Sepulveda, who was wearing it during the interview with KSL TV.

Though, maybe the brightest moment in her sadness was when she told her husband what happened.

“My husband, after he came home, he held me and he said, ‘honey, we can get married again and you can get a new one’,” said Guerra Sepulveda with the kind of smile normally reserved for newlyweds.

Sure, she would like to get the old one back, but if not, it doesn’t change how much loves she feels with her husband all these years later.

If she does it get the ring back, she and her husband are planning on renewing their vows anyway.

All these years later, ring or not, he’s still the one.

“And I still know it,” she said while placing her hand over her heart.

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