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I (28F) am getting married in a few months to my wonderful fiancé, Tom (30M). We’ve been planning this wedding for over a year, and I want everything to be perfect. My sister, Emily (26F), has a dog named Max, whom she adores. Max is a small, energetic terrier who goes everywhere with her.

When we sent out the invitations, we made it clear that the wedding would be a pet-free event. This decision was made because our venue has a strict no-pets policy, and frankly, I want the day to be focused on us and our special moments without any distractions.

Emily called me the day she received the invitation and asked if she could bring Max

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She said that Max is like her child and that she can’t bear to leave him alone for a whole day. She even offered to keep him in a pet carrier during the ceremony and promised he wouldn’t be a bother.

I explained to her the venue’s policy and reiterated that we want a pet-free wedding


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She got very upset and accused me of not understanding how important Max is to her. She argued that if we truly valued her presence, we would make an exception. I suggested she find a pet sitter for the day, but she said she doesn’t trust anyone else with Max.

Emily then went to our parents, who are now pressuring me to make an exception for her. They argue that it’s a small request and that family is more important than rules. Tom is supportive of my decision and believes we should stick to our original plan.

Now, Emily is threatening not to come to the wedding if Max isn’t allowed, which has left me feeling incredibly guilty

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I don’t want to cause a rift in our family, but I also don’t want to compromise on something we’ve planned so carefully.

AITA for standing my ground and not allowing my sister to bring her dog to my wedding?

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