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KHOU 11 was the first to report on the mail delays across the Greater Houston in December. Months later, some people say they’re still dealing with problems.

HOUSTON — A Houston couple is wondering what happened to their wedding invitations after they mailed them out in mid-February.

Sarah Sandoval told KHOU 11 that she and her fiancé Austin Sutton dropped off about 80 invitations in the mail over President’s Day weekend. Six weeks later, Sandoval said only 5 or 6 invites were delivered — the rest never made it to their intended destinations.

“We were so proud of them,” Sandoval said. “Planning this whole wedding has been a very big thing for us and the invitations were overwhelming, so for us, once we got them figured out we were so happy.”

When the RSVPs never came back, Sandoval said she and Sutton had to scramble to confirm final guest numbers to secure accommodations for their guests. Ultimately, they decided to send out virtual invitations.

“Luckily we were able to send text messages through the wedding website, so technology has helped us a lot,” Sutton said. “But we feel like we wasted time and money.”

With two weeks until the wedding, Sandoval said she still hopes the invitations arrive so her guests have the sentimental reminder.

“It’s not even the money aspect which is pretty annoying … it’s the fact that these don’t even get to sit on a fridge,” she said. “They’ll probably go in the trash by the time our guests get them.”

The couple said they also want more accountability from the postal service about the city’s mail delays.

“We only had one of them returned,” Sandoval said. “If they’re [USPS] having issues, they need to inform people so these things don’t happen.”

KHOU 11 was the first to report on massive mail delays across the Greater Houston area beginning in mid-December. 

Just last week, Rep. Al Green confirmed that USPS representatives declined his request to hold a “town hall” style meeting to discuss the city’s ongoing mail delivery issues. Green said he will consider asking his colleagues to launch a congressional hearing.

Are you having issues with the post office? Send an email to [email protected] and let us know. You can see our coverage of delays at Houston-area USPS processing centers on KHOU.com/PostalProblems.

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