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Judy Prisk was hoping to give her wedding dress to her daughter, but after more than 20 years she discovered the dress she had in the attic wasn’t hers.

HOUSTON — For Judy Prisk, planning her daughter’s wedding was a chance to walk down memory lane. When her daughter, Audrey, wanted to re-create her dress, Judy pulled down her box from the attic.

“It had the plastic on it. I’m like, OK, this still looks great,” Prisk said.

However, when she opened the lid, she realized it wasn’t her dress and believed it must have been swapped with another bride. Prisk told us there was a special meaning behind the dress she wore for her wedding in 1995.

“So, my dad died when I was 23,” she shared. “But my brother took us to dinner and gave me an envelope and it was $1,000. ‘Dad’s not here, I want to buy your wedding dress’.” 

Prisk saved all her receipts. They showed her picking up her dress from Gorman’s Cleaners on the Katy Freeway on Dec. 22, 2000. It’s now closed, but when we stopped by there was a sign on the door with a number. So, we called. 

The cleaners were well-known in Houston, opening its doors in 1948. However, it’s now shut down although Gorman’s Linen Service a few doors down still shares its name. The manager there said they don’t have any of the cleaners’ records. 

Meantime, Audrey, the bride-to-be, took to TikTok to share her mother’s story with the hope that by her wedding date, Feb. 17, 2024, they will find the dress and get the one they found in the attic back to its rightful owner. 

“Somebody else has this beautiful dress that meant the world to them and that’s it too, I just want to give this back,” Prisk said. “Even if I never find mine, wouldn’t that be cool if I could give that dress back to someone?”  

If you recognize either dress, email [email protected]

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