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TV: And for all the Moon Sang-min fans out there, I feel like I also have to ask how he was cast.

CS: We actually filmed the show from February through August of last year, so it’s a pre-produced series. At the time, Moon Sang-min had just completed Under the Queen’s Umbrella, so we cast him when he got super popular. (Laughs). Even though he was a rookie actor in Under the Queen’s Umbrella, he showed incredible acting skills, and he also possesses all the visuals you want in a male romantic lead — he’s super tall and he has a nice gaze. I think the actor’s gaze is super important for romance series, and so even though Moon Sang-min didn’t yet have much acting experience, he had all the basic qualities you’d want to see in a male lead. So after watching him in Under the Queen’s Umbrella, we thought he’d make a great Ji-han.

TV: I’m seeing a lot of comments from American K-drama fans who are saying that Moon Sang-min is so handsome and acts really well in the show. Like, I think even women in their 40s, 50s and 60s are in love with him now!

CS: (Laughs) I think the series is more well-received abroad than it is in Korea!

TV: Really?

CS: Well, this show appeals mostly to younger viewers, and in Korea, most people who watch linear TV are from the older generation, so our TV viewership isn’t very high even though the show is being talked about a lot online by younger folks. But seeing as how there’s been so much love for Jeon Jong-seo and Moon Sang-min from international fans, I think it’d be nice if those actors could travel abroad and see and experience it for themselves! (Laughs)

TV: Definitely! I’m sure a lot of fans would show up to see them! I’ve also read a lot of comments from international fans saying that they love Na A-jeong’s two actress friends as well. Personally, my favorite character besides Na A-jeong is her younger sister Na Su-jeong [played by Moon Seung-you].

CS: For those supporting roles, we held a bunch of auditions, and there were a lot of great actors that the director found in the process. I too thought the actress who plays Na A-jeong’s sister did an excellent job! She was selected among a ton of actresses who auditioned for that role.

TV: What were some of the funniest moments during filming?

CS: The mood on set was very positive. Jeon Jong-seo has talked a lot about how the atmosphere on set was so comfortable — how easy it was to talk to the director and how the actors got along really well. For me, one of the funniest scenes in the show is in episode two, where you see A-jeong and Ji-han both get drunk and hop in the chairman’s car, thinking it’s a taxi. I think that scene is hilarious no matter how many times I watch it, but what’s even more hilarious is that Jeon Jong-seo actually doesn’t drink alcohol. So I thought it was so funny how someone who can’t drink alcohol was able to act so convincingly like a drunk person!

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