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Nebahat Isbilen came to the United Kingdom from Turkey after her husband was arrested there for his involvement with the 2016 coup attempt, and she was using Selman Turk to help get her money out of Turkey. She also needed to get a new Turkish passport, and Turk reportedly advised her that giving money to Prince Andrew, Duke of York could help make that happen. Isbilen said in court that: “Mr. Turk told me that he received help from the Duke of York to show or send the picture of my old passport to Turkey and that this service would normally be worth £2 million, but it would cost less if we made the payment by way of a gift,” per The Telegraph.


However, in November 2019 when that £750,000 transfer was made to Prince Andrew, it wasn’t earmarked as for anything to do with Isbilen’s passport problems, but rather as a wedding gift for Princess Beatrice. As a gift, it wouldn’t be subject to tax in the same way that other payments would be. Beatrice reportedly had no knowledge of the money, and she wasn’t happy to have her name tied up in the scandal.

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