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It’s long been a tradition that bridesmaids walk down the aisle in the same exact look. These days, however, brides are often looking to shake things up with their wedding party by having their closest friends don a mix of styles and hues. And while this approach typically leads to beautiful photos, it does make it challenging to find bridesmaid dresses that are at once complementary and cohesive—especially if you’re searching for one, or multiple, shades that will universally flatter everyone in your crew. That said, the process of selecting the best color for your bridesmaids’ dresses isn’t impossible, it just requires a bit of thought, effort, and attention to detail.

So to help you sort through hundreds of hues for your gals, we tapped style expert and fashion consultant Beverly Osemwenkhae (also known as Beverly O) of ProjectBee, for tips on how to choose a color for your wedding party to wear. But, before we dive in, it’s important to highlight one essential element that every bride should keep in mind when making dress color selections—a person’s skin tone. “Finding the perfect color for a bridesmaid dress is crucial because it ties in the theme of the wedding, and also, you want to consider skin color,” says Beverly O. “Not everyone looks great in a pastel or a jewel tone.”

Meet the Expert

Beverly Osemwenkhae is a New York City and London-based style expert and fashion consultant. She is the founder of ProjectBee, which offers styling services for weddings, travel, everyday wardrobe, and more. 

Ahead, keep reading for more factors to consider when choosing a color for your bridal party to wear. Plus, we offer some tips on how to style your bridesmaids in looks they will love long after you say “I do.”

What to Consider When Choosing Bridesmaid Dress Colors

While you might be tempted to put your bridesmaids in your favorite hue, it’s wise to be intentional about the shade you select, which means following the below considerations when beginning the color selection process.

Skin Tone and Complexion

Skin tones, whether you have a fair complexion or olive undertones, can change the way a color looks on you. That’s why it’s important for brides to consider the different complexions of their bridesmaids and find a dress hue that suits everyone. To achieve this, Beverly O suggests incorporating different tints of the same color to maintain a cohesive look, while still catering to the various skin tones in your bridal party. For instance, if you decide on blue, you can have your bridesmaids wear powder blue, navy, and cobalt based on what looks best on them.

If you’d prefer to stick to one shade, however, opt for a universally flattering color. Beverly O recommends “richer, deeper tones like dark teal and maroon,” adding that these “pigments don’t have variations where it can easily wash someone out like a pink or yellow.” She also suggests staying away from pastel colors, as they are the hardest to pair with a variety of complexions.

Wedding Theme

From vintage chic to art deco, your wedding theme will inform your overall aesthetics, including your day-of fashion color palette. For instance, if hosting a boho chic affair, Beverly O recommends choosing “warm colors like rust, brown, burgundy, and hints of deep mustard.” Planning a city rooftop celebration? Lean into Kelly green or royal blue, suggests the stylist. Black is also a universally flattering hue to consider, one that will complement almost every theme and bridesmaid dress style.

Season and Venue

As with all wedding day attire, keeping the season and venue in mind is crucial to finding a look that is appropriate for the celebration. In regards to bridesmaid dress colors, Beverly O says it “can change how lighter or deeper of a hue you want to go.” The stylist further explains, “For a barn wedding that’s an indoor/outdoor affair in the summer, you want to keep things light with earthy tones, like dark sage, taupe, and terracotta, which ties in nature. For a beach wedding, you want to play with pastel colors and colors of the sunset. For example, pale yellows, powder blues, and even lavender.”

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Popular Bridesmaid Dress Colors to Consider

Need additional inspiration to help you select your bridesmaid dress color? Here are a few of the most popular hues and some tips on how to style them. 

Dusty Blue

Dusty blue is a pastel shade with cool undertones that can suit most wedding styles, from a winter wonderland-themed event to a beachside soirée. Beverly O recommends pairing this color with light and airy fabrics, like chiffon or organza, as well as a neutral shoe. “If the dresses are simple with a one-shoulder or halter style, wear a fun crystal earring which can be a similar color to the dress or a completely different color tone that ties in another color of the wedding,” she adds. 

Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is a muted shade of pink that has beige and violet undertones—it is also a perfect hue for chiffon or organza fabrics. What’s more, this color falls in line with an earth-tone palette and would be a lovely choice for barn or country-style weddings. “Warmer tones usually look best with gold, so keep the shoes in that palette a nude color, or the exact same color as the dress for a monochrome look,” suggests Beverly O. 


While this deep shade of red can work for any season, it would make a serious fashion statement at a fall or winter wedding. Beverly O says this color would look “best in charmeuse because it has a bit of a shine,” but if you need a thicker fabric, velvet is also a good choice for weddings being held in cold locations. Accessorize with shoes in neutral tones like black or gold and matching jewelry. 

Sage Green

Sage green is an earthy shade of green with gray undertones. From off-the-shoulder evening gowns to tea-length dresses, this hue suits all styles and would be an elegant choice for a spring or summer wedding. “The color sage is rich, so a crepe fabric will be ideal, which is a little more matte,” notes Beverly O. For accessories, opt for silver or gold, but if you’re looking for something a bit more unique, consider blush pink or lavender accessories. 

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