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One husband is internet-famous for his smooth moves on the dance floor.

A man who goes by ShimmayJimmay is a star, thanks to his love of dancing. His social media page is filled with videos of him dancing with his kids and wife, and it’s obvious that he truly enjoys it. But nothing shows just how much ShimmayJimmay loves to groove more than a video pinned to his TikTok page that highlights him leading the Wobble at a wedding, which is something he allegedly does often.

In the clip, the husband is “in his glory” holding a drink in one hand and ushering others to join him with the other. Wedding guests watch and learn while he does the 2008 dance like a pro. Others watch in awe as he manages to go through the song without spilling his drink.

Over a million people have watched the video and they love seeing him in his natural element.

“And just like that.. we ❤️your husband! How fun is he!” a follower praised.

“Not a spilled drop of his drink on the floor -dudes got the moves 😁” another pointed out.

“Awwww my kind of guy! Lucky you to have such a fun husband 🥰” someone gushed.

“He is directing dance traffic and everything 😂” a commenter pointed out.

We agree with the comments that the husband is the life of the party, and those are the type of people we hope to have at our events! Remember to share this story with all your dance-loving friends!

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