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A woman has shared her “humiliation” after her husband skipped part of their wedding day to go to the pub with ‘the boys’. She explained how her now ex-husband invited some friends who live quite a distance away to their wedding, not expecting them to show up.

But to his delight, they travelled the distance to be there for him on his special day – and so he decided to spend some quality time with them while they were in town. Unfortunately for his new wife, he decided the best time for a catch-up was right in the middle of their wedding reception.

She said on Reddit: “My new husband had invited friends that I’d never met to our wedding, and was really pleased they’d turned up. However because they were only in the area for the weekend, he took the opportunity to take them out for drinks at a local pub during our wedding reception.

“He left me there on my own, in my big poofy dress, feeling absolutely worthless with my family (and his) asking me where he went for an hour and a half.” The woman, who is now “happily divorced”, stayed with him for eight years before leaving when he turned violent.

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She added: “Even thinking about it now, years and years later, I am shaking with rage. It’s so humiliating and I feel so sad for the person I used to be. I can only imagine what other people were thinking. We were married just over eight years and unfortunately escalating violence from him towards me and our children made me leave.

“I don’t think he ever wanted me. I don’t think he is capable of love. He is barely in the children’s lives now by his own choice, but they are amazing and loving and strong and so funny and I couldn’t be prouder of them.” Commenting on her post, one user said: “Mine was MIA when it was time to cut the cake and time to do the bouquet/garter. He was out smoking with friends for twenty minutes while people searched. Wouldn’t be the first time I was second to them. Now an ex as well.”

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Another user added: “Yep. I remember sitting alone at the wedding table. Didn’t know where he was – probably the first of my many many regrets. He’s an ex now, too.” A third user said: “My husband ditched me for 37 minutes while it was eating time. Literally, everyone was sitting down eating at tables and talking and laughing and there I was pushing food around on my plate for 37 minutes, while he took off to help the DJ with equipment.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was so angry and hurt. And just angry. I held it together though. My mum towards the end looked up at me with our fussy 18-month-old… I go to her and hold my hands out for the baby. She just looks at me and says ‘Hunny, I’m so sorry’.

“She knew that I knew, she was talking about being ditched for nearly 40 minutes. And I just looked at her and started to cry in the corner. We are still together, but I’ve called a divorce attorney to go over my/our options for other reasons obviously.”

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