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On a cloudy London day in late March, Tiffany Rae and Shanti Hinton devoted their lives and their love to each other in a wedding ceremony befitting a Bridgerton. The couple, who live in Brooklyn and were friends for years before they became romantic, had been picked out of thousands of Bridgerton superfans to say their “I dos” during an intimate ceremony that Netflix put on for them and their families and friends.

I was privileged enough to be invited to attend the Bridgerton wedding of Rae and Hinton, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The entire day was a moving, entirely unique experience with so many happy tears and so much laughter that I might as well have been celebrating my own best friend’s nuptials.

The four-part series A Bridgerton Wedding has been airing weekly since May 21 on Tudum.com, and now with the finale out today (watch below!), I thought it was high time that I divulged some of the sweet details from the day.

The Location


Shanti Hinton (and guests) at Chiswick House and Gardens in West London for A Bridgerton Wedding.

The wedding ceremony was held at Chiswick House and Gardens in West London, an 18th century villa set within 65 acres of classic British landscapes and a lush walled garden that dates back to the 1680s. “When I saw the whole setup, how grand everything was, the gorgeous building and all the gardens around it, it was just so beautiful,” says Rae.

When I arrived at Chiswick House, the white stone pillars and grand steps made for quite the entrance, even for just a guest like me. Inside the octagonal atrium where the ceremony would take place, my breath was taken away by the floral displays put together by wedding planner Alice Wilkes — replete with plenty of soft purple wisteria, of course! And in true Bridgerton fashion, a string quartet put a gorgeous aural finishing touch to the room.

The Ceremony

event of the season a bridgerton wedding

Netflix/Katie Julia

For Hinton, the day had been a huge buildup of anticipation. “I couldn’t wait to see her walk down the aisle. I was like, ‘Where is she? It’s taking too long. What’s happening?’”

As soon as the quartet began the Bridgerton theme and Rae entered the room in her sparkling Allure Bridals x Bridgerton bridal gown topped with a diamond tiara, the floodgates opened. In fact, when I eventually asked Rae what her favorite moment of the day was, she laughed and said it was seeing Hinton, the love of her life, burst into tears.

“Just before I walked down the aisle, I was so stressed out,” says Rae. “Like, the whole day I was being Bridezilla — I wanted everything to be perfect. But when I turned that corner and saw Shanti at the other end of the aisle crying, and then I looked at my mom, and she is crying, I just couldn’t hold it. I was telling myself, ‘Tiffany, you do not cry walking down the aisle! You gotta be a queen! You cannot mess with your makeup!’ But Shanti looked so beautiful, I just couldn’t hold it in. It was such a great moment.”

event of the season a bridgerton wedding tiffany rae in event of the season a bridgerton wedding cr photography by katie julianetflix © 2024


Tiffany Rae wearing Allure Bridal’s Bridgerton wedding dress collection for her own Bridgerton wedding.

For Hinton, it had been a huge buildup of anticipation. “I couldn’t wait to see her walk down the aisle. I was like, ‘Where is she? It’s taking too long. What’s happening?’ I was just a ball of energy. To know that it was finally happening, even though I knew we were already soulmates and in this for the long haul, just to finally say she is my wife and to put a ring on it, it was … [pauses]. I’m going to do it again; I’m gonna start crying!”

Witnessing their vows to each other was such a tender moment; indeed, everyone in that room was taken aback by the love and dedication these two have for each other.

event of the season a bridgerton wedding l to r jennifer patrice, shanti hinton, tiffany rae in event of the season a bridgerton wedding


Shanti Hinton and Tiffany Rae exchanging their vows.

Afterward, we all went outside, with Rae and Hinton at the top of the stone steps. And just as Rae got ready to throw her bouquet to her girlfriends below, the sun decided to make its glorious entrance! We all cheered — for the bouquet toss (Rae’s best friend, Chuchi, got it!), for the sun, for an adorably in-love couple, and for a truly sacred moment we all got to be a part of.

The Reception

event of the season a bridgerton wedding

Netflix/Katie Julia

The exquisite table setting at the couple’s reception at the Lanesborough Hotel.

Held at the super-swanky Lanesborough hotel across from Hyde Park, the reception was a fun and relaxed part of the day where we all sipped on champagne, nibbled on some hors d’oeuvres, and admired that gigantic ice sculpture of two bowed-head swans with their wings expanded that Hinton wanted so badly! In the center was the couple’s crest and two first-name initials.

I got to chat with some of Rae and Hinton’s guests and was simply touched by how much everyone loved this couple and how they had traveled so far to be there for them on this special day.

event of the season a bridgerton wedding l to r shanti hinton, crystal samuel in event of the season a bridgerton wedding


Shanti Hinton and Crystal “Chuchi” Samuel enjoying Hinton and Rae’s reception.

I discovered that Hinton’s best friend thrifted his entire outfit, which gave off duke vibes with a cream-colored coat over a brown double-breasted jacket; I saw the two flower girls, tuckered from a long day, eyes drooping as they lounged on a silk chaise lounge beside the ice sculpture; and I met Tracey and Emmett and their daughter Charm, who traveled all the way from New York to be here for the wedding. Tracey had been Rae’s cheerleading coach since Rae was 3 years old. Now, Rae choreographs cheers for the same squad she used to be on. “We were stunned and felt so special when we got the call to attend,” says Tracey.

When Golda Rosheuvel and Adjoa Andoh — Queen Charlotte and Lady Danbury, respectively — popped in for a surprise visit, Rae’s mother, Treena Williams, burst into more happy tears!

event of the season a bridgerton wedding l to r adjoa andoh, golda rosheuvel in event of the season a bridgerton wedding cr photography by katie julianetflix © 2024


Adjoa Andoh and Golda Rosheuvel attend A Bridgerton Wedding.

After their sweet toast to the newlyweds, the queen and lady joined us for a celebratory glass and mingled and chatted with Hinton and Rae’s guests. In a quiet corner during a moment that not many others caught, I saw Rosheuvel hug Williams as both got a bit emotional. It was too sweet! Not long after, Andoh also had a hushed talk with Williams and seemed to be offering a bit of Lady D wisdom, as we know she is wont to do.

I didn’t catch the sage advice the Bridgerton actors gave her, but Williams did offer this: “Coming in on that carriage ride earlier, I felt like the actual queen!”

Adds Rae: “That was a big surprise for all of us! And I know my mom was just ecstatic. But it meant so much to have those two actresses from Bridgerton who look like us come to our wedding reception — we see them as role models. I think my mother gravitates towards them because those two characters are both moms. My mother has five kids, and Shanti’s mom has five kids, too. My mom was a single mom for a lot of it, and she works so hard. That’s why I wanted her to enjoy herself and have a great time. I bet she told them something about how grateful she is to have them play these characters that leave a legacy for women of color.”

The First Dance

event of the season a bridgerton wedding l to r tori kelly, tiffany rae, shanti hinton in event of the season a bridgerton wedding

Netflix/Katie Julia

Tori Kelly performs “All I Want” while Hinton and Rae have their first dance.

As if there weren’t enough surprises throughout this entire process and on the very day itself, one last incredible offering from the Netflix team came in the form of Hinton’s favorite musical artist: Tori Kelly. The Grammy Award-winning singer debuted the first-ever original Bridgerton song, “All I Want,” as Rae and Hinton slow-danced in the candlelight.

“I forgot all the steps to our dance!” says Hinton. “We had a little routine, but when Tori was singing a song that was just for us, all I could do was just step back and forth and look into my wife’s eyes.”

Wilkes’ banquet room decor was incredibly romantic — the floral displays in the center of the table surrounded by dozens and dozens of hand-painted taper candles, the bespoke menu featuring the couple’s custom crest, and the entire setup could have been the set of a Bridgerton ball. You could feel the warmth, the love, and the community that were present in that room as Kelly’s vibrant voice filled the air, and Rae and Hinton sealed their union.

To watch or rewatch how the Bridgerton wedding came together from start to finish, be sure to visit Tudum.com for the entire series. And for more on all things Bridgerton, stay tuned to Shondaland.com for all the interviews, BTS glimpses, and extras you could ever want before part two of Bridgerton season three premieres Thursday, June 13, on Netflix.

Valentina Valentini is a London-based entertainment, travel, and food writer and is also a senior contributor to Shondaland. Elsewhere, she has written for Vanity Fair, Vulture, Variety, Thrillist, Heated, and The Washington Post. Her personal essays can be read in the Los Angeles Times and Longreads, and her tangents and general complaints can be seen on Twitter at @ByValentinaV.

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