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A bride-to-be was left blushing when she found her dream wedding dress – only to discover it was the same one her friend wore to her disastrous big day. The woman explained that the happiest moment of her pal Caitlyn’s life suddenly became the very worst when she stumbled upon her husband cheating on her mere hours after they tied the knot. “Her husband was found in a bathroom stool with his co-worker at the reception. My heart broke for her, and I was part of her support system in the aftermath. She is now happily remarried with two kids,” she wrote on Reddit.

Moving on to her own upcoming nuptials, the 29-year-old said she has been struggling to find the perfect gown. “My body image is poor, and I have an unusually large chest that makes all clothes shopping awful. But I went thrift-shopping last week and found the dress. It was everything I could have dreamed of, and it fits me. I literally fell to my knees crying in the dressing room. Right away, I sent a photo to everyone I could think of, including Caitlyn. She called me immediately. I didn’t see it then, but when I got home, I saw that I had multiple missed calls and texts from her,” she recalled.

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It turns out it was the exact same garment her friend had walked down the aisle in, and given the bad memories it holds, she decided to donate it. “I genuinely didn’t recognise it… once she said it, I remembered right away. It also made sense, as one of the things she and I bond over is boob size. I tried to laugh it off, but she said, ‘I’m sure they’ll let you return it, under the circumstances.’ I felt sick to my stomach, because it was obvious, she didn’t want me to wear the dress, and I was already super-attached to it,” she continued. “I talked it over with my fiancé and some other friends. Opinions are split. Some know how hard this process has been for me, and think Caitlyn is being petty. Honestly, I don’t. I get where she’s coming from. But I literally cannot keep looking. And it was $30 (£24)… some say that it’s not only a bad omen, but disrespectful to ask Caitlyn to look at me in her dress.”

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Stuck between a rock and a hard place, she must now choose between her dress and her friend. “I tried talking to her about it the next day, but she has been firm on not attending my wedding if I wear the dress. She actually said she is rethinking the friendship in general. I am gutted, and don’t really think that’s fair. I would love to find a solution that allows me to keep the dress and my friend,” she concluded. Reddit users sympathized but advised the budding bride to get her priorities right. One replied, “I cannot fathom the embarrassment and pain your friend went through that day, logically, I agree with you that it’s just a dress, but I see her side her as well,” while another said: “This is super sticky. On one hand I see your side, you found the unicorn dress, on the other your friend has some pretty significant trauma associated with said unicorn.”

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