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A WEDDING guest stirred up drama at her cousin’s nuptials after bringing an unapproved plus-one.

Despite being asked to leave her pet Dobermann at home, one woman brought the dog along after saying she had no choice.


A Reddit user revealed how her service dog supposedly ruined her cousin’s wedding (stock photo)Credit: Getty

In a Reddit post, user Throw RA Therapy Dog explained why she had to bring her canine along to the family wedding.

She revealed that her Dobermann Angel is a service dog who alerts her when her blood sugar is too low.

“He helps me avoid passing out and alerts me when I need to eat sugar,” she said.

The Redditor explained that Angel is “playful and has never bitten anyone, though he looks a bit imposing.”

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“He has been properly trained and is a real service animal, his tasks keep me safe and prevent me from getting hurt,” she wrote.

She explained that her cousin, the bride, is a “health nut” and had created a health menu for her big day.

Since the original poster would not have access to sugar throughout the day, she decided to bring Angel to the wedding.

However, her cousin was not happy with the dog attending alongside her young children.

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“She knows about my health issues but asked me not to bring my service dog because of his breed,” the Reddit user explained.

The bride said the Dobermann would “scare her and her future husband’s kids as her toddler is afraid of large dogs.”

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However, after seeing the menu and being told by the bride to “live without junk for one night,” the poster decided to bring Angel along.

She explained that she sat in the back of the venue away from the aisle during the ceremony.

When she arrived for the reception, she began setting up the music and slideshow that was her wedding gift.

As she was preparing, the bride and her family noticed Angel was present.

Even though the canine was wearing his service vest and laying down in a corner, the newly weds caused a fuss about his presence.

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Ochoa told The U.S. Sun observing a dog’s behavior can provide clues that they might act out.

“A dog that looks tense all over with its fur sticking up or teeth showing is more likely to snap,” she said.

“Staring real hard without blinking could mean trouble too.

“Growling is also a warning the dog is getting mad.”

She said dogs may tuck their tail between their legs when they feel scared or threatened.

“Staying calm and keeping space may help things not to escalate if a dog seems on edge,” she said. 

“Her youngest, a toddler, also noticed and started to cry as he is scared of big dogs,” the Reddit user explained.

The bride asked her cousin to leave and sent her a “nasty email” requesting money to cover the missing slideshow.

Reddit users shared their thoughts on the situation in the comments section.

“Depriving a family member of their service animal that alerts for health reasons is deplorable,” wrote one reader.

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“Your dog is a service dog, to help with your medical condition, not there for fun and games or to terrorize your cousin’s children,” pointed out another person.

“You should have declined to go to the wedding – saying that you were unfortunately unable to attend safely given the restrictions imposed,” said a third Redditor.

The wedding guest explained that her Dobermann helps alert her when she has low sugar levels (stock photo)


The wedding guest explained that her Dobermann helps alert her when she has low sugar levels (stock photo)Credit: Getty

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