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Dominick Jr. and Erin Morelli’s love story is a bit on the unusual side — but it’s nothing compared to the story of their wedding day.

The pair met in 2018, when both were coming home on the train from a Duke University game in the city. Erin (née Kuchlewski) approached Dominick, teasing him about the two dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts he had snagged before heading back to Long Island — “Unconventional for the girl to make the first move,” she says now.

The two stayed in touch but didn’t start seriously dating until almost eight months later, when they met up on Fire Island while out with friends.

“That’s what really solidified things for us,” said Erin, now 29.

Fast-forward to Sept. 29 of this year. The two lovebirds were planning to tie the knot in an evening ceremony, but a major rainstorm had descended on the Island: “It was just constant, constant rain. It never stopped,” said Dominick, 31.

Erin feeds Dominick on their wedding day.
Credit: Kayla Mendija for Kayla Tiffany Photography

To make matters worse, a tractor-trailer had jackknifed on the Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway, not far from The Fox Hollow, where the two were to be wed. Their guests, if they could get through at all, had to park half a mile away, either walking through the rain or taking shuttle buses provided by the venue.

“Everyone always says that it [your wedding day] is the shortest day of your life. . . . That was the longest day of my life. Nothing even comes close,” said Dominick.

But, he said, “Despite all of the obstacles that popped up on our wedding day, each and every moment made Sept. 29, 2023, a day that we will never forget. All of the love that filled the room will forever be our favorite memory.”

Dominick and Erin pose with the grooms family on their...

Dominick and Erin pose with the grooms family on their wedding day.
Credit: Kayla Mendija for Kayla Tiffany Photography


The Fox Hollow in Woodbury


The Fox Hollow catered the reception. Mike’s Delights food truck finished off the night with fare from Chick-fil-A and All American Drive-In in Massapequa. The couple spent about $85,000 on their wedding.


St. Lucia early next year


“Beyond,” by Leon Bridges, featuring Luke Combs


What Erin loves about Dominick: His loyalty, his energy, his sense of humor, his positive spin on life and “the way he makes me a better me.”

What Dominick loves about Erin: How she can match my energy but also remind me when it’s time to slow down, how she is able to put up with my unique personality, how intelligent she is, how she always laughs at my jokes (even when they’re repetitive and corny), her old soul.


Massapequa Park

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