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IT’S no secret that planning the perfect wedding involves a whole lot of important decisions.

And one bride-to-be was left feeling mortified after her daughter pointed out a slight oversight with her wedding bouquet.


The bride opted for fake flowers rather than a traditional bouquetCredit: Alamy
The bouquet was compared to the huge wigs on Bridgerton


The bouquet was compared to the huge wigs on BridgertonCredit: LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX

Posting on Facebook, the woman showed off the bouquet of faux flowers.

“I got my bouquet in the mail and my daughter says it looks like a powder wig from the 1800s,” she said.

“Now I don’t know if I like it. What do you think, should I return it?”

The flowers in the bouquet appeared to made from a white stain twisted up to look like roses and pearls and diamantes adorned the gaps in between.

There was even diamante butterflies and flowers, for some extra pizzaz.

But all of that paired with the drooped shape of the bouquet made it look more like a wig from Netflix’s Bridgerton, instead of a classy wedding bouquet.

The post was then shared in a Facebook group dedicated to anonymously ‘wedding shaming’ and people agreed the bouquet was a total fail.

One commented on the post: “I didn’t read the caption and thought it was a cool cosplay wig”

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“Kind of looks like Elsa’s hair [from Frozen],” a second said.

“That is the ugliest f***ing thing I’ve ever seen,” a third said.

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And another wrote: “This has literally zero redeeming qualities other than the fact it’s returnable.”

“I have never understood this satin rose bouquet trend. It doesn’t look good with anything,” someone else agreed.

And although one person liked “the vibe” the bride was going for they agreed the shape of the bouquet didn’t work.

“Sucks when your 13 year old has better sense than you, hope she listened to her,” another person chimed in.

And someone else quipped: “Wait…so it’s NOT a wig??? Well, my flabber is significantly gasted.”

Meanwhile, others thought the design looked more like a “stale wedding display cake.”

Someone else had other ideas though, they said: “Without my glasses first look was a hornet nest, not the theme I would pick for a wedding.”

It’s not the only wedding fail that’s got people talking online recently though, one woman was slammed for her wedding guest outfit.

Taking to social media the woman shared an image of her wedding guest dress which left everyone telling her to think again and change her outfit.

The image showed a figure-hugging dress in a sultry beige fabric that clung to her curves.

Across the beige fabric was a gold threaded pattern for some extra glamour.

The excited wedding guest had noted she was going for cocktail attire with the look.

She wrote: No dress code, location is an upscale restaurant, time is from afternoon till 3 am!”

But everyone agreed it wasn’t the right fit for somebody else’s wedding.

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The post, which was first seen on the Reddit group Wedding Attire Approval soon raked up hundreds of comments.

Many of the people who saw the post claimed it was inappropriate – even adding it was more suited to the bride of the day.

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One person wrote: “It’s a hard NO. If you roll up in this body-hugging, skin-coloured, span-dangly number just past lunch, you’ll be noticed for all the wrong reasons.

“That’s never a good thing, especially at a wedding.”

The bouquet left people divided on social media


The bouquet left people divided on social mediaCredit: Facebook

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