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BEING a bridesmaid usually means you don’t have to worry about what to wear to a wedding.

However, one woman’s oversight meant she stood out from the bridal party on her friend’s big day.


A bridesmaid poked fun at her dress error ahead of her friend’s wedding ceremonyCredit: TikTok/kristen.allen0507

In her viral video, Kristen (@kristen.allen0507) poked fun at the error made by her friend Jenna Duffy (@jennaduffyy).

They used a viral TikTok sound to joke about Jenna’s dress, which looked fine until she stood beside the other bridesmaids.

Jenna entered the room wearing her silver sage-colored satin-style bridesmaid dress.

She mouthed along with the popular audio depicting an awkward interaction between the cast members of Little Women Atlanta.

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While Jenna pretended to be oblivious to her mistake the bridal party stared at her in disbelief.

They stood together as they greeted her wearing what appeared to be the same dress.

However, when Jenna joined the group it was clear that her dress was a different shade from the rest.

While she purchased the look in silver sage, the rest of the women wore sage.

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“What’s the difference between sage and silver sage honestly?” Kristen joked in the clip’s caption.

In a follow-up video, she explained that Jenna didn’t notice her mistake until the day of the wedding.

I thrifted all the outfits for my sister’s wedding – my mom’s was only $5 and I got my bridesmaid dress too

The distressed bridesmaid had offered to sit down during the ceremony but the bride wasn’t too bothered by the error.

Kristen explained that Jenna was supposed to stand at the end of the line anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal.

She added that since the friends made the original video as a funny memory to look back on they arranged for Jenna to stand in lighting that made her dress stand out even more.

“In the wedding video and standing next to each other [in real life] it did not look that different,” Kristen said.

It’s not that deep.

Kristen, a member of the bridal party

She told her viewers the moral of the story is that “it’s not that deep.”

TikTok users shared their thoughts on the situation in the comments section.

“This happened at my wedding. My maid of honor showed up in rust, not terracotta. Luckily you couldn’t tell in the pictures,” wrote one viewer.

“Switch dresses with the maid of honor if you are similar sizes so it looks intentional,” suggested another follower.

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“This happened at my brother’s wedding. All of us bridesmaids were in coral and one of the dresses arrived as neon orange,” said a third person.

“I love that those good friends decided to make the best of this moment rather than outcasting her for ruining the day,” commented another TikTok user.

One bridesmaid accidentally purchased the wrong shade of sage for her dress


One bridesmaid accidentally purchased the wrong shade of sage for her dressCredit: TikTok/kristen.allen0507

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