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A HANDY bride has shared how she put together a homemade bouquet for her big day.

She crafted the affordable wedding DIY with Michael’s and the dollar store supplies.

A bride shared her affordable DIY wedding bouquet (Stock photo)Credit: Getty

Redditor Xriny shared the creative wedding project in a viral post.

“I made my own wedding bouquet today!” she said.

A photo revealed the neat arrangement of faux pastel pink, lilac, and white flowers.

Some viewers were so impressed with her skills they started lining up to purchase.

“Amazing, are you taking orders? Because this looks professional,” said one commenter.

The bride, however, explained that the project was easy enough that anyone could do it themselves.

“It’s honestly just a bunch of fake flowers and dollar store lace!” she said.

“[It] was super cheap, affordable, and easy to put together.”

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She revealed that she’d purchased the flowers from Amazon and the crafts store Michael’s.

Other brides hoping to save money on their celebrations were inspired by her project.

“It’s beautiful! Some of my bridesmaids are trying to convince me to do real flowers,” said one.

“Seeing how great yours turned out makes me feel better about my decision.

“Did you use a tutorial or anything for the floral placement? Also, finding it hard to find realistic-looking babies’ breath. Where did you get yours?”

The Redditor explained that she had no prior experience in flower arrangement and, thankfully, didn’t need it.

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“Honestly, no, I kind of just went at it. I’m pretty crafty, though; it comes naturally when you have all the flowers in front of you!” she said.

“All my flowers are from Michaels; the greenery and lavender [are] from Amazon.

“I just looked for the soft-silky type of flowers that had more of a real appearance.”

For greenery, she explained that she opted for as natural of a choice as possible.

“I chose ‘rabbit ear leaf’ because it looked soft and natural. The leaves just looked more realistic [that’s] why I chose it. The feeling of the petals is important,” she said.


“Honestly, I just picked up whatever flowers that looked most natural to me!

“I garden a lot in the summer, so I wanted it to look as real as possible!”

People were impressed by the “professional” looking arrangementCredit: Reddit

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