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A BARGAIN shopper has shared her dream wedding gown that she found for a steal.

She bought the designer dress for so cheap that she didn’t even mind paying for alterations.


A lucky bargain shopper showed off the designer wedding dress she found at a thrift store (Stock photo)Credit: Getty

Redditor Butterflygirl1980 shared the thrift find in a post.

She explained that she initially had plans to go dress shopping with her mom, but she no longer needed to after making the discovery.

“My mom’s gonna kill me — we have plans to go dress shopping — but… it’s incredible in every way!” she wrote.

She revealed that she found a $1,500 Oleg Cassini floor-length wedding gown but paid just $70 out of pocket.

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Though she admitted the dress was too large for her in its natural state, it was so affordable that she didn’t mind paying to get it altered.

“It’s too big all the way around and will need a good bit of alteration. But just… wow,” she said.

Viewers were floored at her find, with many sharing their thoughts.

Some thought the dress was worth the price and more.

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“Looks much more expensive than $1,500 originally! Are you sure you have that number correct?” asked one.

“Yes. Found one on one of the used sites and the seller showed the original tag,” she replied.

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Others liked the dress so much that they wanted it for their ceremony as well.

“If you happen to want to sell it later on, please let me know. It’s gorgeous!” said one commenter.

The Redditor said that she was open to the suggestion once her wedding was over.

“I’m not super sentimental so I might re-donate it or sell it for a low price to pay it forward,” she explained.

She picked up an Oleg Cassini wedding gown worth $1,500 for just $70


She picked up an Oleg Cassini wedding gown worth $1,500 for just $70Credit: Reddit/butterflygirl1980

“Hope you’re a small gal though! After alterations, it’ll be roughly a 6/8 petite with [a] smaller than average bustline.”

Many came up with suggestions to restore her initial appointment with her mom.

“Invite her to the alterations instead! That is insanely gorgeous. Congrats!” said one commenter.

“Bring her to the tailor appointments. If you are using a veil, she can help you shop for one to work with the dress,” added another.

“This is gorgeous and think of how much money you just opened up in your budget for something else.”

The soon-to-be bride explained that she had all her bases covered thanks to her bargain eye.

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“I got a dress for the reception a couple weeks ago. Also thrifted,” she said.

“One hundred fifty dollar Macy’s dress for $5 — I’m on a helluva roll!”

She noted that the dress needed to be altered, but she didn't mind the expense because of how little it cost


She noted that the dress needed to be altered, but she didn’t mind the expense because of how little it costCredit: Reddit/butterflygirl1980
She showed off the thrifted strapless gown's back, including its lace train


She showed off the thrifted strapless gown’s back, including its lace trainCredit: Reddit/butterflygirl1980

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