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A WOMAN’S wedding guest look has given a whole new meaning to “always the bridesmaid.”

During the ceremony, the TikToker had an embarrassing realization about her dress.

TikTok user Taylor showed her followers the dress she wore to a friend’s weddingCredit: TikTok/taylorfogartyy

In her viral video, Taylor Fogarty (@taylorfogartyy) showed her followers the awkward fashion mistake she made at a friend’s wedding.

She gave her audience a glimpse of the bridesmaids as they stood in a line at the edge of the dancefloor.

As the newlyweds shared their first dance, Taylor panned the camera to her own dress.

Her powder blue floor-length gown was identical to the ones worn by the bridal party.

Taylor joked that the unplanned twinning moment was her “Roman Empire” and that she hasn’t stopped thinking about it ever since.

She shared her disbelief that the accidental matching outfit incident “actually happened.”

One follower joked that she should’ve known better than to wear a dress that looked “straight out of David’s Bridal.”

The wedding guest clarified that her look was actually from the online dress retailer Lulu’s.

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However, she did admit that “it does kind of look like a bridesmaid’s dress” in hindsight.

“I wasn’t thinking, I wasn’t using my brain but lesson learned,” she told her audience.

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While she originally only showed off the bottom of her dress, it was clear that it was very similar to those in the bridal party.

In a follow-up video, Taylor showed her viewers a full-length shot of her in the divisive dress.

Thankfully, she opted to wear her hair in beachy waves rather than in an upstyle similar to the bridesmaids.

She explained that she would be taking every step possible to avoid the mistake in the future.

Taylor joked that she would “definitely be finding out the bridesmaids’ dress color” whatever it takes.

Her followers shared their thoughts on the incident in the comments section.

“This is why I love when people post their wedding colors on their invite or wedding website so I know what to avoid,” wrote one viewer.

“Even if it was a bridesmaid dress, aren’t we told it’s cool to shell out hundreds on them so we can re-wear?!” pointed out another TikTok user.


“I would’ve thought that’s a cute summer guest wedding dress, I think it was just bad luck,” commented a third person.

“At that point, they should have just asked you to stand up there,” joked another follower.

Taylor realized that she accidentally wore the same dress as the bridesmaids at the wedding
Taylor realized that she accidentally wore the same dress as the bridesmaids at the weddingCredit: TikTok/taylorfogartyy

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